How to choose a suitable bride wedding dress?

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How to choose a suitable bride wedding dress?
Posted: Nov 4, 2013 1:23 AM

For brides , the selection of wedding is definitely a very happy but it is a very tedious process , face style very many colors wedding , inevitably into squandering charming eyes , today, the wedding etiquette website will teach you how to choose accord own wedding dress.
First, the choice of wedding colors
    Not necessarily pure white wedding dress . Requirements are a bride headdress body even white, began with Queen Victoria era. Then white represents happiness, and later it added to the sense of holiness and fidelity , forming a white wedding dress stood out more lofty position .
    Prior to this, Greece is also the "white" dress for the bride is the most common color , but not strictly to the body white ; Roman times, the bride will face Phi yellow yarn ; Chinese traditional red dress for the auspicious places levy ; two the beginning of the tenth century , silver wedding shows status of royal dignity . Visible wedding take their "color" , there is no special provision must wear pure white .
    With the changing global trends , wedding in addition to white , ivory, beige and other traditional colors , but also increasingly popular in recent years, pink wedding package , such as pink , pink orange, light blue , light purple , light green and light silver-gray , very soft pleasing to the eye . If you dare to try to use dark green, purplish red, deep purple , decorated in pink wedding dress , dressed rich colors, the dress , the effect is very special. As the most popular , of course, ivory or white wedding dress , laden with pink silk flowers , butterflies, to add color .
    In fact, the wedding is not important what color , the most important prerequisite is to match the bride's complexion . Asian skin deep yellow, wearing a white wedding dress will look dull , worn ivory look harmonious nature ; blue, purple and yellow are not coordinated , but pink orange , light green with yellowish color match . As for the skin rosy , or bronze skin , wearing white would look great , especially the latter , it will emerge an unusual brilliance.
Second, the choice of wedding style
    Traditional long dress and manner , and the general spread of the skirt like an umbrella , many girls are longing for. Of course you can wear in the studio taking pictures , but the salute in the Registry , it seems too convenient , too long too Peng skirt , it seemed very short very cumbersome , so the wedding day , wish to select a small tent off the ground a little skirt , or long and the ankle showed upright a- cut dress ; As for the legs of confidence , but you can try miniskirts or Skirt , etc., if it is easy hearty character , wearing white suit highlights the personal style, with the public different .
    Also , pay attention to is the style, many beautiful models hanging on a rack , worn mannequin is also beautiful , but this beauty is not suitable for everyone. It is a must try , size does not fit can be changed, the bride's body shape and style and temperament do not match , it will be particularly ugly.
    Temperament is also important not to do Xiaojiabiyu type sexy dress ; shrewd pile type not too decorative ; hearty and lively type do not play lady. Wear clothing with their own incompatible , not only can not express a own merits and temperament, but to make people see people wearing , feel unnatural.
Third, the choice of the wedding atmosphere
1 , minimalism :
Often the most minimalist lines can express a wearer 's character , how to use simple lines to emphasize their strengths , is minimalism of a university asked . Exquisite tailoring and premium fabric is minimalism excels , it can be a very good grade and quality reflect the wedding , so the bride to stand out in the crowd . Suitable strong sense of independence girl.
2 , Romantics :
When it comes to marriage we immediately think of "romantic" the word on how to create a natural wedding and romantic style? Openwork lace, embroidered with small floral transparent folds, multi-level loose skirt, drag a long veil . Are the perfect embodiment of romantic wedding . Suitable strong cultural atmosphere of the girl.
3 , gorgeous camp :
Admittedly, ornate style will always be some bright spots, but I have to highlight the present magnificent noble, so pay attention to is the gorgeous style with the basic principles . Complex hand-sewn together with layered skirt fantasy , this French palace-style wedding , the bride can be gorgeous breath of a wealthy family were demonstrated.
4 , elegant faction :
This is the most common of the bride dress long dress properly, then the simple materials can exhibit the most perfect state of the bride .
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Re: How to choose a suitable bride wedding dress?
Posted: Nov 9, 2013 1:26 AM Go to message in response to: agnlehelly

Wow thank you for your information. It providing things are used to selecting a best suitable wedding dress for my wedding. It focuses the difficulties of selecting the wedding dresses.Thank you for your information.It is really nice news for a wedding couples.


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