Dressing ideas for the over-slim boys and girls

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Dressing ideas for the over-slim boys and girls
Posted: Oct 21, 2013 5:41 AM

Dressing ideas for the over-slim boys and girls

While models who owns proud bodycurves shows theirs excellence consistent with any dressing scheme,people in Middling stature and Nature-looking bodysize often cooperates well with many dressing schemes too,it appears that ones bodyshape determined what ones dressing choices,the better one owns a bodyshap,the more he or she could wear,surely this is always right as a dressing direction in most situations,but the true statement could be bit different,and that is: bodyshape only influences what ones dressing choices but not absolutely.

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Let me give you some examples that faked you,first,take young boys as examples,often it happens when you think a slim boy is too slim in his dress,but you soon will recongnized after he take off the coat,that in fact the muscles spreaded evenly on his body,thought not chubby but just in the right place with right amount,,that is too say,the boy is in his full health,he isnt slim at all,its just the coat hes wearing fooled you.

another example,when a girl becames slightly fat than ever,it donít necessarily mean that she goes totally against any clothing she ever weared,it might ofen happen that when he put on the origial clothing ,her babyface even bring more amzing characteristics and produce more good feelings than ever,that is to say : sometimes,fat or slim is just optic feeling sometimes when there happens conflicts between dressing and the actual status,and they just turned up not so distinctly.

Anyway,As we can see,a suitable dress often plays a important role in balancing the body and the clother association : sometimes a good dress can overcome the bodyís disadvantages and enhance the final dressing effect,Then,it comes the sad oppsites of the two examples above:what will it be when a over-slim boy wearing in a loose clother and the over-fat girl wearing herself in a epmire dress?

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Well,when clothing cant fully cover the disadvantages,when there isnt always ideal dressing schemes,we could min our requirments and exert the biggest final effect we can image,below is some ways:

1,pay attention to the styles and the material,for over-slim boys,its better not to wear a tight , sheathy ones,but choose from some loose (but not 2 loss) and firm material stylies to wear, ,such as some sportwear,,some wellnamed brands famous for their leisure style colthing,donít be silly to wear a sheathy to outline your front chest rib bones,either wear a totally loose one to be in a strong wind to show your discomposure。

3,the colors,dot wear 2 bright colors,not dark yellow,not heavy-dark,with transverse stripe will be better cause it will stretch ones eye to the sides in optic feelings,thus the dresser turns not to be so slim.

2,dressing a clothing with specail decorate and addons,for example with stand round collar,or with should epaulets.

OK,we just needt to be too serious about everything ,after all ,we are not fitness experts exercising everyday in a jym,and we are not fashion pop stars who everyday were in a hurry hunting things worldwidely,just keep healthy,be self-confidenced, aviod some bad habits like stoop (this will destroy the dress effert whoever you are and whenever you are at),and selectly obey the rules above,you can achive the best dressing shedmas.

Any ideas to add to the above listing?i hope you can give me some,please list them as the post replies,so I can modifiy mine with the addons,thank you

Any ideas are welcome!

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