Differens between the western and oriental dress styles

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Differens between the western and oriental dress styles
Posted: Oct 19, 2013 6:28 AM

Differens between the western and oriental dress styles

The difference between western and oriental dresses styles originated from various cultural sources historically,long before the world starts its melange of plural cultures worldwidely,local cultural fashion evolvements just remains calm and peaceful,and slightly changed within a nation boundary or in the corner of a tribe,then on 1800s it reached its boilpoint,now,we can type in angelweddingdress,etc,after the browse finish processing itself over,we can get hugh amount information,so huge that it goes beyond we can handle,sometimes,hours maybe taken to choose the useful ones.

So,here comes the questions ,why there are so many?will it be more?under the nowgoing trends,,which is the most in-fashion ones,,these might be good questions to answer to,cause the results may help us invest money on dresses at a more profession point of view。


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Truely,according to the scholar,always there will be 2 culture centers divded,the western fashion circle and eastern part,they impose the freedom and open elements upon the former while conservative elments to the latter,this theory dominated the fashion industry for many years,but that just gave us more doubts nowdays,if this right then why still exceptions happen everywhere in both eastern and western,another example,why people dress themselves up in different styles to show their beatuy while other profunditily repel this ? no matter in which part of the world or whatever the time perid?

so if itís the phenomenon not dealing with the essence,are there more facts to be avaliale to disscuss to go deep into?

image: !http://www.angelweddingdress.com/images/large/wedding-dresses/2655.jpg

( also taken from awd fashion ,avaliable at http://www.angelweddingdress.com/mother-of-the-bride-dresses-2013-c813 to be checked )

Truely a clothing is always a craft for providing people with the abilty to resist coldness,then the secondary effect:as a assistant tool to outline ones beatuy on the assumption that if the formor fulfils,one wont always stand in the cold wind with a thin beatuful colthing worn by her or him,just lost himself in thoughts wondering at some big affairs like a politician or a philosopher?

With the spirit of not just fighting against the above classic theory(which seems cant be destoryed),we fulfull the academicianís view,with belows:

1,the eastern and westerns have only diferences in race features,but usually owns the common same clothing views,,the historical reasons,the cultural reasons ,however donít deal with the essence,some time,the word cultul is used to refer to other dress attributes.

2, to say the least ,sometimes difference may exists,but the commons are stronger than obviously.

3,girls whoever born with a fascinating stature or a cacotrophia body, owns a attractive bodyshape or a overslim/fat bodyshape,would always desire for showing her beatuy,and try her best to dress herself up in good dresses,in this sense,there are no inevitable difference to became a beauty.

And there are more and more to be listedÖ

Do you agree with the me,??Readers just show me your own answers as the replies,you are welcomed.

for more info,plz go the following links to be forwarded,ty for reading.



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