Small gadgets that may add bonus to a female’beauty

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Small gadgets that may add bonus to a female’beauty
Posted: Oct 18, 2013 5:16 AM

Small gadgets that may add bonus to a female’beauty

Women bears in the name of the nature genius,so any nature or crafted elements can be the enhancement to a women’s beauty,this results in the fashion industy nowadays,while the cotton,cloth,fur,silk, plastic... dominions the dress fashion,the metal, jewelry,domains the luxury industry.

Angel wedding dress fresh its stock with 2013 new arrivals on their shop,finding one right for you could turn to be fantastic easy.

2 differences were district while taking the beading and the dress for comparsion,but what we consider here focus not on their value but other features,there are some of them can be listed below:

1, frequency : a dress endure up to a season in a year or servals seaons in some yeas,cause after fashion fade out,the owners might don’t wear it anymore though it may be in its integrity states,but a beading or a jewelry,may be used from year to decades,the couples,even people between common family relations choose jewelry as memento , to express love,or to pass from generations to generation,due to jewelry ‘s special features they are regarded as forever representation。

( fire blews just like the young waves, you will like this big red from Link: )

2, linkage tightness :a beading can be separatedly wear and take off easily and apper in many part of the body,the ears, the handwaist,even the waist(just think of the emperors in old times,who often wears gorgeously clothing with gold belt and lots of metal ornaments to show his richness and nobleness),while the clothing taks much longer to be processed when the same happens,also just image the usual days when we are hunting for a newly fashion,we hunt not only the clothing but also the accessories, such as the knot,the warrobe,the belt, the veil,the beading,all the things can enhance the primary dress.

wholely,we have many accessories for a clothing,and we have so much other headgears to wear besides the jewelry,there are so many enhanments and co-enchancements to the sense of a jellery to headgears and a veil to the clothing,it happen so often that the gap between accessories to the clothing just turn to be not so clear.

so, due to the fact the word accessories here covers colothing accessories,gear accessories,or the mixure,that is to say,we have only 2 type of fashion entities essentially :the clothing and the non-colthings.with this knowledge,we can archive more hunting ideas in the market.

So,please haste up to make your own decisions,when choosing fashion,pay attention to the clothing and the gears equally.

Can you think of more so called “accessories”above,I would like to hear from you for the results you collected.

hope forwarding from you,please list them as the post replies here,thank you.

for more info,i appreciated you to follow the belows:


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