Regular Dental Procedures

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Regular Dental Procedures
Posted: Sep 4, 2013 3:30 AM

If you are going for a dental checkup you can see that most of the dentists follow a basic routine. He will check your mouth thoroughly and look for signs of cavities, tooth decay, gum diseases and other health issues. It is ideal that a healthy person should visit a dental care center at least once or twice a year.
A Best Dentist in India will initially clean your teeth. This is done using a scraping tool and he scarps the teeth hard to remove mineral buildup. Then he will floss the gaps in between the teeth. He uses a polishing compound to give the teeth new shine and will apply a fluoride compound. During the cleaning process the best dentist in India can identify if there is any symptoms of decay. If he suspects series problems he may prescribe an X-ray. The facilities for taking teeth X-rays will be available with most of the popular dental centers or medical laboratories.
If the decay is small dentist will clean the teeth and will seal it using a sealant material. This will help to prevent food materials from entering the cavity and preventing further decay. Sealants are also used for filling grooves in your teeth. Food materials stuck in the teeth crevices can turn to plaque and will result in future dental damage. Sometimes the dentist can identify that you may be prone to decay. In that case he may ask for fluoride treatment. A continues treatment involving fluoride applications at regular intervals can prevent teeth damage.


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