Why does bride have bridesmaids?

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Why does bride have bridesmaids?
Posted: Jan 16, 2013 9:40 PM

As the wedding traditions,the groom kisses the bride to his left during ceremony, because he needs his right hand free to reach the sword, after all, you never knew when someone might trying to steal the bride, the groom must protect the bride with a sword in his right hand, lucky for the groom the best man got his name for being the best swords-men in town. Do you know why people have bridesmaids? Why does bride have bridesmaids? Brides have bridesmaids, I think traditionally it's to help them with their wedding and with all the preparation, and today I think it's just more for fun. True, bridesmaids are supposed to help the bride with the wedding, they are generally the members of the family and their close friends, and they’re easy to start in matching the attire. For bridesmaids all, they usually wear same bridesmaids dresses and exactly like the bride, in that way evil spirit could not tell which lady was going to get married and couldn't harm her.


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