My wedding story-about the wedding entries

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My wedding story-about the wedding entries
Posted: Jan 15, 2013 9:32 PM

Another thing I want to talk about is the wedding entries, also have so much fun! Our bridesmaids wearing beautiful bridesmaid dresses together with groom-maids entered by singing the song:" Tonight will going to be a goodnight love!" And they danced along with the songs:" two sixty for my shirt, two sixty for my shirt and all wearing glasses, so tiny and I entered by fiancé's crazy love, I looked around, danced and sang…it was so much fun!
As far as I had said, I did make-up myself because I didn’t want to trust anybody else, something so delicate, I know my facial more than anybody, I know my facials exactly and what was for me. So I look for colors and make my face carefully, what kind of powders, what kind of eye shadows, and I know myself so well better than any of make up artists, so I'm going to do make up myself, I think it pretty good. My hair, I have the specialty to make big curls, containing so many oils to keep it from mixed up, it has really a lot of oils and my hair was long, up to the place bellow my bust line and it is actually perfect for going with my wedding dress !


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