How to choose bridesmaid dresses?

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dressdo Posts : 5 Registered: 7/11/12
How to choose bridesmaid dresses?
Posted: Jul 11, 2012 11:11 PM

Read bridal magazines and clip out some pictures of your favorites. Browse the internet for ideas. Also, call recently married friends and relatives for some recommendations of bridal salons to visit.
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When you go to bridal salon, show them some of your cut out pictures of bridesmaid dress favorites. This will immediately convey to your bridal consultant the types of dresses you are looking for.

One general stylistic rule to consider, if the bride is wearing a floor-length gown, her bridesmaids should do the same.

Traditionally, it’s the bride’s privilege to choose the style, color, and fabric for all her bridesmaids’ dresses.

Since most bridesmaid’s body types differ dramatically, some brides choose a dress manufacturer that offers different styles in the same fabric and color for more flexibility. In this case, the bride will still ask for certain stylistic rules, like no dresses above the knees, or no strapless dresses.

In any event, whether you go the traditional single bridesmaid dress route or the more flexible one, your main focus should be finding dresses that complement your wedding gown and wedding style.

There are many considerations in choosing the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses – the time of year, the color of your flowers, the color of your wedding gown, your overall wedding style or theme, etc.. Currently, pale colors like platinum, silver, ivory, light sage are popular, but some colors, like black, are always in fashion. Whatever color you choose, remember that you always want the bride to stand out when next to her bridesmaids, and not the other way around.

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TinaMei Posts : 33 Registered: 7/7/12
Re: How to choose bridesmaid dresses?
Posted: Jul 12, 2012 3:20 AM Go to message in response to: dressdo

White is definitely the eternal color for weddings. From the bridal wedding dresses to bridesmaid dresses, white is always the most preferable and popular color option. With the impression of elegance, purity and refinement, white seems to be the perfect color to represent women’s beauty at weddings.…nal-popularity.html

Though nowadays,sexy bridesmaid dresses may come in various colors, which are no longer limited to white only, white is still the favorite choice, not only because white bridesmaid dresses match the white bridal wedding dress perfectly, but also they go well with the happy theme of wedding. Some brides may want to distinguish themselves from the bridesmaids, thus when choosing the bridesmaid dresses, they may go for warm-toned colors such as pink, ivory and lilac. But white is always the most popular color option.

You have to admit that white is such a perfect color which can go well with many different kinds of weddings. No matter whether you are going to have a beach wedding or garden wedding, white is totally capable to fit in any kinds of wedding themes, especially the outdoor weddings. White bridesmaid dresses usually come in simple cut and style for not stealing the spotlight from the bride. Wearing the simple but elegant white bridesmaid dresses standing beside the bride, bridesmaids will look gorgeous but at the same time won’t distract people’s attention from the beautiful bride.

No matter how fashion trend is changing, white won’t go out of style in wedding apparel forever. White has been deeply rooted in people’s mindset about wedding. You must believe that the eternal popularity of white won’t fade.

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tansi Posts : 57 Registered: 7/6/12
Re: How to choose bridesmaid dresses?
Posted: Jul 16, 2012 12:20 AM Go to message in response to: dressdo

it depends you , what colour theme are you looking at? Pink, purple or even light blue.. you can letyor bridesmaid search for their own dress according to your colour theme.

mine is yellow, and because it is a church wedding, so my bridesmaid dresses cant be too revealing/casual..

Last month, a friend introduced me to buy a bridesmaid dress only $ 70, very beautiful, you can get to know:


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