The waiting is torturous!!!

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Re: The waiting is torturous!!!
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Wow, I haven't signed onto Brides in so long. I just want to say thank you IFFER for your words of encouragement & support. I apologize my response is coming so late! I couldn't agree more with everything you said. Every relationship is different, and the only people who truly know what's best is the two people involved. Though, outside advice & support is always nice, appreciated, and a huge comfort. My future hubby & I are in a good place right now. We talk about our elopement all the time, and are still planning on eloping in 2014. We've decided against Vegas, only because we found a bed & breakfast in Napa that does elopements, and at such a reasonable price (and it's freaking beautiful there! Not to mention less than an hour away from where we live). We're both paying down our debt, and have talked about getting an engagement ring together next year. Things are so much better than they were. I don't worry that it's not going to happen anymore. Our lines of communication are open, and that has helped and comforted me more than anything else. We looked at bridal dresses online last night together, which was a heck of a lot of fun. Anyway, thanks everyone for listening. I know my post is fairly old at this point, but I wanted to express my thanks. :)


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