bridesmaid gifts

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bridesmaid gifts
Posted: Feb 23, 2005 11:12 AM

Okay this is my problem, I need to decide on what to get my bm as a gift. My sister just got married in September and use my idea. I had mentioned it to my mom in return told my sister. I was going to make up bath bags. Everyone in my bp has kids and so who would not love to take a nice hot bath by their selves? Anyways I was going to bath salts, a bath pillow, shower cap, flaoting candles, a lofa(sp?) stuff like that. Now my mom thanks it is okay for me to do the same bu tI would really like to do something different. We have different bm except for one so it is not like everybody would be getting the same thing again. I am making my sister a scrapebook but not the others. My sister is my moh so I though I would do something specail for her. I don't want to make everyone a scrapbook b/c I really don't have anyhting of them to make one. 2 of them are my cousins and one is a friend that I ahve been friend with since hs but really don't have anything to do one out of. ANyways any ideas, would it be okay to do my first idea b-4 my sister took it? Thanks.


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