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Posted: Feb 22, 2005 12:37 AM

ok, i had all my colors and dress picked out for the girls. my and my FH were happy w/ it, UNTIL we went to the bridal shop to start picking out vests etc. for the tux's to match them. here's the prob:

I have a maid AND matron! and well DUH, there's only one best man! I wanted the 2 girls to wear the same color and stuff b/c they are kinda the same...importance wise to me. HOWEVER!!!!! we don't want the next groomsman to wear the same color vest as the i added another color. prob. solved? NOPE! i have a total of 5 colors for 6 girls! the last one is my jr. bm now i'm not sure what color to stick her in!!!!!

the style is alfred angelo #6709, and the colors (in order) are: celedon, golden, burnt orange, claret, chocolate.

can i let her pick her own color? (can't be yellow b/c the flower girl is in white) do i find another color? my FH is already nervous b/c the number of colors!!!! i'm kinda stuck on what to do!

ANY ONE have ANY suggestions??????



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