feeling hopeless....

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Re: feeling hopeless....
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Here i want to share my friend story, According to her, she was sooo afraid to go look at wedding dresses because there wouldn't be any big enough for her, she fat would hang out the top, she would look like a big white blob. Well! she discovered more and more designers are realizing there are real women out there that arn't a size 3. There are beautiful dresses for full figured women. There is nothing wrong with being big and beautiful. And if it helps (this is what keeps me going) History has a habit of repeating itself, and when the Romans were in charge, they basically worship big women, we would have been like Tyre Banks to them, and someday that will come back around, and every one will be jealous of us!At the end i would like to thanks for the forum admin who provide a beautiful platform for share feeling before and after marriage.
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