Deceased parent (continued)

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BURNETT1 Posts : 2 Registered: 5/13/09
Deceased parent (continued)
Posted: May 13, 2009 4:51 AM

Okay so i read the advice given on one of the other deceased parents forum but my situation is alittle different . What if its the grooms father, especially if his death was tragic. IT would be 7 years and 2mths since his death on our wedding date. Like i know he loves his father no matter what happened, and it really sucks that he wont be there to see his only son get married. What kind of special thing should i do for him?

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adrigirl01 Posts : 287 Registered: 10/2/08
Re: Deceased parent (continued)
Posted: May 13, 2009 11:01 AM Go to message in response to: BURNETT1

Hmmm...maybe a reading of some sort? Anyway, just a suggestion, it might be a good idea to post this in the planning & etiquette section because this area had a tendency to get overlooked. There our plenty of ladies on this site with good ideas! Good luck :)


swichwang34 Posts : 657 Registered: 9/13/12
Re: Deceased parent (continued)
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