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AndysFirstLove Posts : 2 Registered: 3/17/09
Posted: Mar 17, 2009 7:13 PM

After 21 yrs apart, (we were kids and circumstances beyond our control separated us. Families moved and addresses got lost) my fiance' and I have reunited. Only DREAMED of ever finding each other again and having a future, never thought it would actually happen. We are still living in seperate states, but see each other as often as we can and can't wait til we are married and together every day. Well, our dream has happened and our engagement was the happiest moment for us and Kay took that away!!!

February 20th, we got engaged, with the ring we both picked out originally from Jared's, but economy has hurt us both and we decided we had to get it from Kay instead. BAD DECISION!!! I needed to get the ring sized to a 4 1/4 and we didn't have the extra $100 for the warranty immediately, so we were told we could get the warranty any time. So, we came up with the money within a weeks time. I took the ring to Kay at Chapel Hill Mall in Akron, where we purchased it and they told me it would be 10 days before we got the ring back. I asked if they could put RUSH on it and they said they could try, but with Valentine's orders from week before, they weren't sure it would matter. Said they would call me if it came in earlier than the 10 days. Well, I hated to give up my ring for that long, but it had to be done. We had taken photos of it and sent them to our families so they could see it. My fiance had put it as a screen saver on his computer and showed it off to everyone.

Well, Kay gets their rings in, in the afternoon, so, when I called first thing in the morning 10 days later, Sarah said pretty rudely that they had the ring in. I was trying to remain calm so I didn't say anything about when it actually came in because hey, I just wanted my ring at that point. I went straight down to the mall to pick it up and Sarah was obviously still in a bad mood because she pretty much just threw the ring on the counter at me. I signed the receipt and went to the food court, took a couple photos with my camera phone and sent it to my fiance so he could see I got the ring back. I went out to the car and I kept looking at my ring. I quickly noticed that there was a knick in the gold on the top of my channel band next to the baguettes. So, I took the ring off and looked at every detail of my ring and there were scratches all inside the band. I mean, deep scratches you could feel! I was mortified and tried to wipe them off with my t-shirt, but no, they were really deep and covered the entire inside of my ring. I called my fiance and told him and we decided I needed to take it back in. So, back in I went, and knowing Sarah was still in a bad mood, I hated to go back in there.

I told Sarah that there was damage done to my ring that wasn't there previously. She looked at the knick on the top and the scratches inside and said they would send it right back out. I begged her if there was anything else they could do because I had already gone 10 days without my ring. She said they could probably get it made for my size and swap the ring out when it came in. I said "Great!". Then she said they couldn't do it because it was discontinued. So, my heart sank. I didn't have a choice but to give up my ring again. I asked if they could get it back ASAP as this was damage done during the sizing. She said they would call shop manager and make sure to turn it right back around, but couldn't promise anything. Now, this was on a Friday. So, I knew shop wasn't even going to get the ring til Monday.

Something else had been bothering me about the ring, but I kept telling myself it was just my imagination and they would think I was crazy for bringing it up, BUT I had photos! So, I put the photos on my computer and printed them out. I was NOT crazy! What I noticed was that the channel bands were pulled away further from the center stone! Now, with this ring, they are pulled away a little bit to begin with. Kind of makes the center stone look like it is floating. Well, now ther is just this HUGE cavity on either side making the ring look awful! It looked like we couldn't afford a stone big enough for the ring cause now there was all this space on either side of the stone! My fiance had already called the store to try to talk to the manager about rushing the ring back anyway and let her know how unsatisfied we were already with the service we were getting.

So, when I sent him the photos of the returned ring, he noticed what I was talking about. It actually completely changed the entire look of the ring. I just kept telling myself it was just me and I only had it for a few minutes before I returned it and maybe it just looked that way. Thank God for the photos!

Sunday we decided I should go to Jareds and see if the ring was discontinued. They looked it up and said their vendor has not discontinued it and they could definitely order it for us if we decided to do that. I told them what happened at Kay and they said Kay should be able to fix the situation and help us out, but if not they were there to help us.

So, I called my fiance and we decided I should go back to Kay while the ring was still out being repaired and it hadn't even gotten to the shop yet, so, they should be able to fix it. I went straight from Jared's to Kay and told them I had another concern about my ring. I spoke with Christine and the shop manager Lynn Essy. I showed them the photos and I was told I just needed to return the ring because I wasn't going to be happy with it. I told them I didn't want to return the ring, I wanted them to fix it. Lynn told me it wasn't going to be fixed, that it was impossible for them to bend the channels back to the normal position and that my fiance as an engineer would understand that. They had other rings in the case and felt that sending any of them out to get sized would only result in the same issue. I said they custom design rings, couldn't they design the same ring in my size since they told me it was discontinued. Lynn said well, they could, but it would cost alot more. I said "It shouldn't cost me anything because I wasn't the one who damaged it". She just kept saying I needed to return it. I was in tears and so upset because I didn't want to give up my ring. It was the ring we both picked out 2 years ago and had been working towards purchasing and now we did and Kay says it is discontinued and I should have known it would come back differently since my size was a 4 1/4!!! I said, "if you knew it was going to come back looking that much different why didn't you tell me that when we bought it?" As a matter of fact, they should have told me that BEFORE we bought it and said we needed to have it ordered for my size from the vendor. If they had done that we would have found out right then that it was discontinued and wouldn't be able to be made for my finger and we would never have bought it in the first place!!! Especially if they would have said it wouldn't look the same!

I walked away so I could call my fiance and talk it over. We decided to go ahead and return it and get our money back since they made it sound so final it wouldn't get fixed. So, I went back in there and told them we needed to return it if there was nothing they could do. The manager again said it would never look like the original and it was the best thing to do. She then told one of the other girls to immediately put a stop order on the ring getting repaired. I said, "But the ring still needs fixed no matter what. There is physical damage done to the ring on top of it not looking the same. There is a nick on top of the channel band next to the baguettes and it is all scratched up inside." She looked at the girl and again said to put a stop order on the ring. So, I guess it doesn't matter to them that the ring was damaged by the repair shop anyway.

The girl at the counter told me it was going to be a check because they didn't have enough cash to give me my refund. I said, "So, we pay cash and you have to give me a check?" She said that was the only way to get my money back. Then she told me it was only going to be $800 something instead of the $1224! I said, "I don't think so!" We had returned a ring and they gave us the $350 or so for it and then we put the other $800 something towards the purchase of our ring which was $1150 or so and with tax it was total of $1224. I had to fight for the correct refund too! I mean, every which way I turned I was having to make sure the right thing was done! It literally took 4 of them over 20 minutes looking at my paperwork to figure out I was correct! It really isn't that difficult! The one girl kept trying to say they credited me the $350 they didn't refund it. They all 4 finally came to the conclusion I was owed the $1224. Then, they were going to have it done in my fiance's name since his name was on the paperwork and that it would be 7-10 days to get the check in the mail. WHAT?!? My fiance was coming in town on Wednesday and he planned a nice romantic Post-Engagement weekend. This was Sunday, so, obviously we weren't going to be able to replace the ring during this trip since the check would take that long. He would be gone again before the check came. So, I told them that wasn't going to work. He lives in another state and if they send the check in his name I wouldn't be able to put the money in my account because he wouldn't be there to cash it! So, they did put it in my name.

I don't understand why when Kay's corporate headquarters is in Akron, and I am in Akron, why it would take 7-10 days to get the check and why couldn't we go pick it up when he came on Wednesday.

So, he called customer service about the check and was told that it would go out Wednesday and we should get it Thursday or Friday and we could call daily to see if the check had been cut. So, Tuesday I called to see and the lady told me we probably wouldn't get it til the NEXT Friday! So, again, I was in tears, telling her my story and that we were both so upset that now I will never have the ring he proposed to me with and that Kay took that from me when they decided they couldn't help me. 21 years dreaming of this day and now it came and I don't have my ring. Told her he was coming in the next day for our romantic Post-Engagement weekend and I don't even have my ring. I had it when he left and now I don't when he comes back. What if I was getting married this weekend??? I would be getting married without my ring! There is nothing you can do???? She said she was sorry and she understood but there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to her supervisor.
Cynthia who was her supervisor got on the phone and she listened very carefully to my whole story again and she said she was very sorry that this all happened and she understands because she has a 4 3/4 ring size and has to special order all her jewelry and she was very surprised that the store knowing my ring size, didn't tell me anything about having to special order the ring since my ring size was practically a 4. She said that I should certainly call the customer relations line and see if there was anything they could do for us. Even if it was to give us a gift card to Jared where we originally wanted to purchase it anyway. It obviously wouldn't be for the full amount of the ring, but any token to say hey we are really sorry for the bad experience you have had and we want to try to make things right with you by doing this... Nothing! Nothing at all was done when I called and spoke with Michelle. She was nice and she listened to my complaint, but nothing was done to try to keep us as a customer or to offer us any sort of consolation for what happened. She just said that she would call the store and inform them of our complaint and that the district manager would also get involved with the store. I said, so, you guys aren't going to do anything either? She said all they can do is deal with the store and take my complaint. She said she was sorry for the experience, but there was nothing they could do.

I said, so, even though Jared is a part of Sterling's jewelers you can't do anything in way of a gift card for all our heartache and trouble. We have his ring picked out at Kay, but we don't want anything more to ever do with Kay since we now know what kind of customer service they have. Sure don't want to ever deal with them ever again! Now, we will go with Jared or another local jeweler. She just said all she can do is take the complaint.

I have had nightmares about my ring, and have obviously been emotionally scarred from this whole ordeal.
He was trying to be romantic and had the photo of the ring we took in front of some roses he gave me (beautiful photo) and had it framed and was going to mail it to the hotel and have them put it in the room before we arrived. Because all this happened, he tore it up. Tore the photo and said it isn't the ring anymore. We will never have the original ring he proposed to me with, so he doesn't even want the photo. I mean, it has affected us both so greatly. Probably because it is something we really never thought would ever happen, and when miraculously we found each other again through reunion.com, our dream came true and now we have this heart wrenching engagement nightmare. So, thank you Kay for putting all this negativity into our engagement. AND not ONE time did the manager or anyone in the store ever say they were sorry this happened or show any kind of sympathy for us. All she could do was just say, return it, there's nothing we can do. Not even I am sorry there is nothing we can do! So, please don't go to Kay, you will only be sorry! After reading all these other horror stories on here, I wish we had looked them up before we made our purchase. Our situation is apparently not unique, they just have really bad customer service and God forbid you need any kind of repair done to the ring. I cringe just thinking about what else might have happened had we not purchased the warranty before we sent the ring out for repair. I am attaching before and after photos of the ring so you can see for yourself how horrible it looked after the repair. Channel bands are pulled further apart from stone. I regret I did not have my digital camera with me to take the pictures of the scratches and the nick in the band. Camera phone isn't clear enough to show those marks.

On top of all this, I just found out that they LIED to me!!! I was just on Kays website and my ring is on there available for order in any size!!! Why would they lie to me??? They have no idea the heartache and stress they have caused! DO NOT BUY FROM KAY JEWELERS!!! Beware!!!

Before photo:

After photo:


manderz421 Posts : 17 Registered: 2/7/09
Posted: Mar 17, 2009 8:00 PM Go to message in response to: AndysFirstLove

That is absolutely horrible and I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that! My promise ring and my engagement ring are both from Kay. When my fiance bought me the promise ring, he also got the lifetime warranty, which said to come in and have it cleaned and checked every 6 months. Well when I went into Kays to have it cleaned, I brought the warranty packet with me (It's a very distinct, plastic covered paper, mind you) I asked the guy if he needed to see it and he said no, so every time I went in to have it cleaned, I never brought the paper with me. Well a year or so later a little tiny diamond was missing. When I went in, they said because my cleanings were never documented on that paper that I didn't have the warranty! That guy knew what I was doing with that paper, he should have said yes, I need to document that you came in. Luckily, it only cost me $21 to have the diamond replaced. It fell out again 2 weeks later and they were very nice about fixing it again, they were also timely about it. But that little diamond looks like crap! The diamond looks loose or sideways or something, and I swear it's turning into yellow gold (it's white gold) around that diamond. But I haven't had any problems with my engagement ring, but it's only been a few months.


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Wow that was SUPER long. I'm so sorry that you've had this awful experience. Almost every piece of jewelry my FH has got me came from Kays. I haven't had any problems with any of them. He is a loyal customer haha. He always gets the warranty, but for my other rings I've never actually followed through with taking them in to get cleaned every 6 months. I've been begging FH to remember to GIVE ME THE PAPERS for my e-ring because its way over due to be cleaned and its a little more important to keep the warranty on this one. I love my e-ring though, and he didn't have any problem with getting it in my ring size...4 1/2 It is also a princess cut solitare though, so there really isn't that much room for mess up. I can tell a big difference in your ring though, and I would have NOT been happy either.

Does anyone know anything about how they handle warranty if its been 8 months since FH bought the ring instead of 6? Will they still honor the warranty?


SweetSunset Posts : 159 Registered: 1/15/09
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That really does suck and you CAN tell the difference! I'm with you WWB, all my jewelry has come from Kay's and I've never had a problem. My e-ring is a leo diamond from kay's and its gorgeous! Wouldn't trade it in for anything and the store has always been helpful. I had mine sized too with no problem. Oh, and they will still honor your warranty if its been 8 months, or at least my store will. I've never taken the papers in when I've gotten mine cleaned but I have noticed they put notes into the computer when I do get them inspected and cleaned. I've just never had a problem, they are always so nice. I think it might be the store you're going into. In any case, they were in the wrong and I hope everything works out for you!


KLAM Posts : 28 Registered: 3/11/09
Posted: Mar 17, 2009 9:32 PM Go to message in response to: AndysFirstLove

To the OP, you should report them to the Better Business Bureau, in any case just to warn other buyers.

And to the PP when you want to get your ring inspected, you have to tell them and you can't just say you want it cleaned. If you want it cleaned you can bring any ring (doesn't have to be bought from there), but you have to tell them to inspect it and that will usually take any where from 10-30 minutes.


Nalamienea Posts : 2,924 Registered: 6/13/08
Posted: Mar 17, 2009 10:12 PM Go to message in response to: KLAM

original poster - to tell you the truth, and even I feel like a bitch saying this, I just can't get up enough sympathy to feel too bad for you. Becuase here's the bottom line: It's a RING. It's a SYMBOL and seriously, you make it sound like Kay Jewelers committed murder or something.

Yes, they seriously screwed up! It was terrible customer service, but you are really going about this the ENTIRELY wrong way. Truthfully, I probably would have cried out of frustration too, but your post makes it sound like you feel like you may as well not get married if you can't have THAT exact ring. You're telling me there's nothing out there even close that you could order instead? When you were talking to the customer service people you should have been 100% straight forward and been "just the facts" about it, ya know? They screwed up your ring and then they lied to you about it. Also, why would anyone give you money if you are already telling them you'll never be a customer of theirs again? Where's the investment from the company's point of view? What you could have said instead was "I'm a long time client of Kay and it would sadden me to have to go somewhere else from now on, so is there any way that you can fix this in order to keep my business?"

In the end. a ring is a thing. An object. You are still going to have the rest of your life with the man you love, so let's just remember to count our blessings, okay?

And truthfully, I'm sorry you had to go through a lot of bullcrap.


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brownegirl Posts : 523 Registered: 10/14/08
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I'm really sorry you had that bad experience. I love the e-ring my FH chose for me and I am very attached to it. If something had happened to it I would be royally pissed. That said, you have to move beyond the disappointment you feel right now and concentrate on your wedding. You guys found each other after being apart for so long. That is a wonderful story, focus on that right now and not on the ring. My MOH got pregnant and her e-ring can no longer fit. She hasn't worn it in 18 months. That doesn't make her any less in love or happy. I hope you get some kind of satisfaction on the customer service front but other than that, focus on you FH and your marriage.


CatStandish Posts : 2,766 Registered: 6/20/08
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Hey Andys First Love. I'm John's First Love.... and I say that because we met for the first time when we were 15 -- sophomore year of high school. We were engaged near the end of Junior year (before prom), and broke up in January 1986. Military families. We always felt like we were soul mates, but life and circumstances got in the way, and we went our separate ways. Fast forward 22 years. We're getting married in September. He moved here from Las Vegas just a little over a year ago. So I do know what you feel.

Our ring also came from Kays. And it is a size 4. When I told Geri (pronounced Gary) my ring size, she pulled out the book. But also, every single jewelry store we had looked at told me point blank that I could not have a stock ring unless it had nothing on the sides. Any embellishments at all would be impossible to size down the 3 sizes that it would take, since stock rings are size 7. It would ruin the structural integrity of the band. I am SHOCKED that they didn't tell you that. That NO one told you that.

I do have issues with my band...because when they put my stone in, they had to size it down another quarter (yes, I wear a 3.75), so I was good with that. But the baguettes do come loose easily. I lost one about a month after I got it. And it took a month to get it back (they gave me no hassle about it). I got mine checked at the end of Feb and Geri found that one of them was loose -- so off it went. This time it only took a week (since they didn't have to replace the stone).

We did end up getting a call about 2 weeks after we had ordered the ring....because the band had been discontinued. (I wanted a really slim band -- 2mm) They upgraded us to the next size for FREE. (see why I love Geri? -- more gold,bigger stones...no price upcharge). She also told us a way to construct the ring we wanted for less. They could have ordered me the sapphire I wanted for $135.. but there was a ring in the store with a sapphire just like it.... on sale for $75. So she advised we buy THAT ring and harvest the stone (we still have the stoneless ring). But it saved us $60.

Geri even told me that if I took my ring to another store for a check up to be sure and TELL them to key my store's number. because if I lose my paperwork, they can always pull it up on the system. They are supposed to key it into the computer when they do the check.

I'm sorry your experience with Kays was so awful. Not every store is the same -- some are a lot better to deal with.



PharmToxGirl Posts : 5,446 Registered: 8/30/07
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OP - I am totally with Nala on this. Yes, it was bad customer service. Yes, it sucks - but it is NOT the end of the world and while the ring has sentimental value - it is not the end all and be all of your wedding.

You are getting your money back and will be replacing it. You are still ahead of the game.

I understand being upset, but you need to move on.





sjhc132 Posts : 164 Registered: 3/18/08
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to OP i am so sorry you had to go thru such an ordeal...i had a pretty good experience with kays when i bought my hubbys band...but then again its just a plain gold band...i also caught it on sale when i bought it...special 3 day 50% off...but i do have a question too if anyone can help me out...when my hubby bought my rings (and i have so tried to push the issue) he never bought insurance for my rings and he absolutely refuses to tell me where he bought them from so im not sure on what to do about insuring them...im constantly afraid of losing a stone and since i dont know where he got them from im not sure i can get them checked on from ust anywhere... im a hairdresser and im constantly afraid of a stone fallin out when im shampooing someone hair...can someone help me out...


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ArtBride Posts : 4,838 Registered: 5/9/07
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Wow, that was really long and far more dramatic than it needed to be.

Honestly, I'm surprised that you didn't realize that resizing that ring would be a problem. I don't know much about jewelry, and I could have told you that. 4 is a VERY small ring size, so I'm not surprised that it was difficult.

Also, I don't think the customer service sucked. They may not have given you exactly what you wanted, but as the ring could NOT be resized, I think it was pretty generous of them to offer you a full refund, even though you didn't have a warranty. The paperwork snafu is too bad, but these things happen - and with any question about the correct refund amount, OF COURSE it would take more than one person to figure it out. A normal salesperson does not have the authority to change a refund amount without approval from their manager. And I don't see why the check was a big deal, either. I wouldn't expect a store to have that kind of cash on site, and it always takes a while to process a check. All in all, while there were some aspects of your story that they could have handled better, I think they were generous to give you a full refund. The 'gift card to compensate you for your troubles' issue is a ridiculous thing to be upset about. It would have been nice, but it's not worth getting angry.

And I also agree with Nala. It's a ring, and the object itself is not that important. I think you would have had a far better experience if you had simply chilled out a little and handled the whole thing calmly, rather than getting upset with everything and bringing emotions into a situation that doesn't have to be emotional.

Good luck getting your replacement ring - I hope you have the experience you want. Honestly, though - I'd avoid ANY chain jewelry store, if you're looking for good customer service. Stick with a local, independent store.

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MrsMcCain Posts : 580 Registered: 10/24/07
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Dear OP-

I don't agree with some of the PP that this isn't a big deal. Getting engaged and getting you ring should be very exciting. I also had to have my ring resized (my finger is a 4.5) so it was quite a bit smaller then the original ring. Just because your ring needed to be smaller does not give that company the excuse for scratching the hell out of your ring and ruining the way that they did. I hubby purchased mine at a local jewelry store and they did a wonderful job. I did have to give it up for about 2 weeks, but it looks amazing and fits perfectly.

You should not have had to go through that experience after purchasing your e-ring. I would report them to the BBB because whoever that company has that is dealing with their jewelry does not know what they are doing and should not be altering expensive and meaningful jewelry. I hope you have better luck with the next ring that you purchase.


MsDenuninani Posts : 3,962 Registered: 3/16/07
Posted: Mar 18, 2009 10:21 AM Go to message in response to: ArtBride

Yeah, I'm with Nala, PTG, and Art on this one.

You've become really attached to a material object. And I know, it's an engagement ring. But it's not an heirloom ring, and you got a full refund, and you'll have a new ring before the wedding. That's the bright side. I think it's time to wash your hands of the whole experience, pick yourself up, and move along.

And in the future, when it comes to buying things that hold great sentimental value, I suggest avoiding chain stores. I got the best customer service from a jeweler recommended to us from a friend, and I am a big fan of local, small business when financially feasible.


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kelleyiskelley Posts : 11,590 Registered: 7/2/06
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"I have had nightmares about my ring, and have obviously been emotionally scarred from this whole thing."

Really? Nightmares? I have nightmares about really bad things that have happened in the past, or about the day my parents will die or get sick, or other things of that nature. I am emotionally scarred from past life traumas - serious, real ones. Im really sorry this happened to you, and I realize its a big deal in the moment for you. The ring is meaningful and of course its an important part of being engaged. But to have nightmares over it and act as if you are scarred for life because of it? Sorry. I just cannot understand that at all. You didnt lose your home or a beloved pet or a family member here. You didnt get the ring you expected and you got terrible customer service. But mostly, it was rectified. You are getting your money back. You can get another ring and if you understand that the REAL meaning of the ring is its significance and what it stands for - then the rest of this shouldnt really matter. Honestly, let it go. Its only "ruining your engagement" because you are letting it. Stop it. Move on and enjoy being engaged. I have a ring that costs under $300 and being engaged was one of the happiest times of my life. Why? Because I was engaged. The ring was cool, but didnt have much to do with my happiness. If your engagement is honestly ruined because of a ring - please recheck your priorities.

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manderz421 Posts : 17 Registered: 2/7/09
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WinterWonderlandBride.. Honestly, I'm not sure they will still honor the warranty after 8 months. I guess it depends on the store. Have you ever gone in before every 6 months or is this the first time you were supposed to have it checked? When they said they didn't have my visits documented, I was shocked, but I explained the situation and they reinstated the warranty after the diamond was replaced and I have gone in every 6 months WITH the paper and I always say I need it documented. I would go in to Kays and ask.


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