I need help and advise

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I need help and advise
Posted: Feb 18, 2005 2:51 PM

I am really struggling... My FH and I have been engaged for about a week, we are getting married in June. But there has been an on going problem with a couple of his siblings. We went and told almost all of our family individually that we were engaged because we felt it would be a little more personal and they don't get together very often unless it is a special occassion. Well two of my FH's siblings don't like me because I am over weight and are not being very supportive. They have made many negitive comments to his other family members about us getting married. I am very upset over this and not sure how to handle it. The issue of my weight continues to come up. I am doing what I can to loose prior to my wedding but I don't know how much I am actually going to loose. I have enough stress trying to plan a wedding in three months and now I have family issues. I don't want this to become an issue between my FH and I but I really want to confront the situation. I am a good person and want the best for my FH and myself. I go out of my way to please everyone and this is really getting to me. Any advise would be appreciated.


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