Standoffish family or am I tripping

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prplgyrl Posts : 1 Registered: 7/8/08
Standoffish family or am I tripping
Posted: Oct 26, 2008 1:43 PM

Hi I'm new. My BF and I hv talked abt marriage, when he'll get ring and date we would like to get married. We're both over 30. He is close to his family which is something I adore. The problem is this: there have been times either I or his fam can't reach him. They will call me and I have no problem relaying their message when I get in contact with him. However if I do the same with them it becomes a big deal. Am I wrong to think that is quite a bit weird? Its aggravating and I can't see being part of a family I can't call in case of an emergency. Trust me yes even in a health related situation they were more concerned about being contacted to relate the info (my bf cell phone was off and he was with his mom) than my health. Am I asking too much? Thanks for reading!


LinzZ Posts : 683 Registered: 12/13/07
Re: Standoffish family or am I tripping
Posted: Nov 18, 2008 5:23 PM Go to message in response to: prplgyrl

That is weird. I would mention it to your FH. He should talk to his family. Make sure he is positive about though. Don't accuse them of being mean or standoffish, but tell them how much he appreciates it when they give him a message from his FW because he knows he can be hard to reach sometimes. This is deffinately something he should mention to them. But, if the behavior doesn't change, and this is your biggest "thing" with them, count your blessings and let it slide.



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