What's in a Name?

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MrsSmith112809 Posts : 2 Registered: 10/17/08
Re: What's in a Name?
Posted: Oct 17, 2008 10:46 AM Go to message in response to: RainyBride

Hello Brides! this is so funny because me and my married BFF were talking about this last night. My last name is Day and his is boring old Smith. I don't like the tradition of taking the man's last name so my compromise (since he won't let me keep mine or change ours to mine or change ours to a hyphenate) I would just hyphenate. Them my BFF said it was silly because it causes so many problems ie insurance claims etc. and that most ppl call you by the married last name anyway-I know some ppl who get called by the maiden part. Most ppl don't even call you by both-we had a laugh. So I probably will keep my last name (not because I am so attached to it or my father) as a middle name-stay tuned 
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MrsWilliams2008 Posts : 1,431 Registered: 7/19/07
Re: What's in a Name?
Posted: Oct 17, 2008 12:58 PM Go to message in response to: RainyBride

I was excited to get a new name. All 27 years of my life, I have gotten sick and tired of people mispronouncing my first AND last name.... at least my new last name is common!

My SS card only has my first, middle, and married name but my driver's license has first, maiden, and married in case something comes up in my maiden name.

However my maiden name is still a part of me so I'll never disown it. Although LEGALLY it's not my name anymore, I'll still answer to it!

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LinzZ Posts : 683 Registered: 12/13/07
Re: What's in a Name?
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I took my DH's name. Never thought twice about it, although It is so hard to pronounce if you read it, and even if I tell it to people they don't always hear me right. It's really annoying. It flows poorly with my first name. Lindsay Zeeg (pronunciation, not spelling). It's just difficult.

I really liked my maiden name though. It meant a lot to me. Here's why:

     My grandmother married Harry Hensel, took his last name, had my dad (last name Hensel), got divorced, Harry was a deadbeat. Grandma married Jack Kuhn, took his last name, Jack adopted Dad at age 7, Dad took Jack's last name and considers Jack his father. So this isn't a name that he was just born into, this is a name from a great man who loved my family. That's why I was sad to give it up. But, I wanted to do the traditional thing and take my DH's name. I didn't want to hyphenate and love my middle name.


When my parents got married, my mom took my dad's last name, but she said it never felt right, so after my brother and I were born, she went back and hyphenated (maiden-married). She's much happier.


My brother's girlfriend could have the world's easy out on this conversation. IF they get married, she won't even have to think about this question because they have the same last name. She and her two sisters are the last ones in their family with the name, and if she married my brother, the name could carry on. Haha!

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TheNewMrsJ Posts : 754 Registered: 1/6/08
Re: What's in a Name?
Posted: Oct 17, 2008 2:06 PM Go to message in response to: RainyBride

I was a little hesitatant to take his because his is Johnson and mine's Bohemian. Being a graphic artist I would have much rather kept mine, as mine's more artsy and rare... I mean in our own phone book there's like a million pages of Johnsons and when you go to a restaurant half the time they need your first and middle name because there's so many, lol... even on our honeymoon, when we went to get our plane tickets - we got halfway to the gate when DH noticed our seats weren't together. he looked again and saw that they gave him the ticket for a different Johnson, lol... apparently there were 4 other sets of Johnsons on the plane.

He was really hurt though when I was talking about using my name professionally and only his legally/socially. 

As a compromise, I did what my mom did - make my maiden name my middle name and take his last name. I figure that way I can still use mine if/when I want to, but legally and everywhere else it's his name.

Social Security was fine with that, but the lady at the DL place freaked and was like "THEY CANT DO THAT! IT ALL HAS TO MATCH YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE!" and was a royal pain. So she basically made it look like i have a double last name now, which threw the cashier lady off when I noticed some of my information wasn't correct and she had to go back and change it for me.

Now everywhere I go people treat it like a double last name thanks to the bitchy lady at the DL place - I think if Socal Security does it one way, it should be okay. I sign most things with his last name though and still treat my maiden name as a middle name, but all our documents (ie the bank and my voter registration) make it look like a double last name now too.

The guy at Social Security was really funny though - hes like "so you're a so-and-so and you want to become a Johnson?! Why don't we change your husband's name to your last name? Sure you might end up in divorce court, but it'll be funny!" LOL



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Uzuri Posts : 99 Registered: 6/26/08
Re: What's in a Name?
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Yes I can see it now....Kayla Green-Brown or Kayla Crayola. LMAO!!! I am crying because I am laughing so hard at Kayla Crayola! I think I just might start calling myself that. Maybe I should put that as my Facebook name and see how that goes with my friends. lol


pinkbride69 Posts : 21 Registered: 8/6/08
Re: What's in a Name?
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Yea well try Nikki Hikee-- lol.. It's prounced HIKE but people always call it Hikkie like on the neck.  SO I'm not sure if I'm taking the name or not..hummmm.

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FALLbrideINLOVE Posts : 1,056 Registered: 3/30/07
Re: What's in a Name?
Posted: Oct 17, 2008 10:23 PM Go to message in response to: RainyBride

i loved my maiden name, it is traditional and it looked lovely written, but also i love my married name because it is my husband's and i am so proud of him.  he is a great man personally and very accomplished professionally so that makes me happy to have his name.


i love that my maiden name, my married name, and my first name are all 8 letters-i enjoy the symmetry as weird as that is 


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