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I am recently married (6 months) to a GREAT but very unromantic man :(. For my first birthday that we were dating, he got me an electric blanket... yeah. I tell him a lot that romance is important to me, he's the only guy I've ever dated so I never was romanced by anyone else making me feel like I got the raw end of the deal.

Whenever I tell him I'd like to go on a romantic date he always says, "plan it and we'll go". Me planning it kindof takes the romance out of it, but he doesn't see that. He's bought me flowers a couple times mostly because I was nagging him for SOMETHING romantic. I've told him countless times that just like he needs sex, I need romance, and that if he'd bring on the romance that would make the sex that much hotter. I guess he'll never know.

This V-day was kindof a bust, not that it was all his fault. I woke up that morning w/ an earache that was an infection and left me on the sofa all day saying such sexy things as, "Oh, it's finally draining". He got me a little stuffed bear and some chocolate and it kindof made me sad that he didn't get me a card (at least I got something, I know). I spent a long time picking out his card and I got none.

The next day my boss was saying how her husband threw rose petals all over their bed and in her bathtub and pampered her all day (and night). My brother is apparently very romantic to his GF which makes me cringe. He lives in MO and she lives in ILL. It's a four hour drive for him to see her, but every weekend he doesn't work he goes to see her. One night, he drove up to see her before she went to bed to tell her goodnight (a surprise) and then drove right back the same night so he could get to work the next day. He is always saying sweet things to and about her and being so sweet. It does make me jealous a little, but at least I know my baby brother grew into a good man!

DH is a wonderful man with many great and admirable attributes. My only wish is that he was more romantic, but I'm glad I'm not in the same boat! (sorry this is so long!)

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kelleyiskelley Posts : 11,590 Registered: 7/2/06
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August, you sound so much like me. Its amazing, read my very first post on this thread. My husband is pretty much exactly like yours lol. I do get jealous sometimes when I hear about all these friends, family members etc who have insanely romantic men in their lives .... but then I just try to remember all theMANY things DH does that are awesome in LIFE. Like laundry, always making sure Im safe, car has gas in it, making sure I have money (I always seem to be more broke than him lol) ... but yeah, it still sucks when you really want somethign romantic to happen and it doesnt. I would LOOOOOVE for HIm to plan a date for us..........just once.....he says the same things your guys says "ok you plan it" or if I tell him I want him to plan it he says "Im not good atthat, youremore creative than me." Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Surprise me dammit!!!!!!!!!!!lol.

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HA! I would love it if DH made sure I had gas in my car & money in my pocket---

Funny I had I a dream one night that I needed $2.00 to get into a movie and he fought me on giving me the money......what happens, the next day I'm washing my car & needed $2.00 so I could finish washing the car and he fought me....I ended up grabbing the money outta his hand!

But if he did anything out of the ordinary for me, I think I would drop.....sigh.....


ArtBride Posts : 4,838 Registered: 5/9/07
Posted: Feb 19, 2010 2:50 PM Go to message in response to: Mrslinnben

I'm so glad this is back. I've missed the un-romantic husband club!

Truth be told, though, I was an unromantic wife for Valentine's Day, too. I don't think we even acknowledged that it was Valentine's Day - but in our defense, we both think it's a pretty stupid, fake holiday. (Though we generally take it as an excuse to treat ourselves to a nice dinner, though we don't like going ON Valentine's Day itself). This year, we had been snowed in (well, able to get out of our house, but work was canceled, the metro wasn't running normally, and the car was buried, so we weren't able to go many places) for a week leading up to Valentine's Day, so just getting out and doing something was awesome.

DH bought me a nice b-day present back in Dec, though - and I'm excited that we're finally going to be able to use it this weekend. This was his attempt at being romantic. He bought us concert tickets in Baltimore for this weekend and suggested that we get a hotel, go out to a nice dinner, and just generally have a romantic weekend. Who planned the whole thing, though, apart from ordering the tickets? Me. I waited a couple months for him to plan something, but no plans were made. Then I told him flat-out that I wanted him to make the plans, but nothing happened. Finally, last week when I was stuck at home and had run out of stuff to do, I gave in and made the plans myself. But nonetheless, I'm really excited about it, even though I had to plan it myself. It was nice that he had the idea, even though he never really followed through on the planning after buying the tickets.

Sigh...if he would just admit that he's an unromantic husband, it would be Ok. The annoying thing is that he thinks he's totally romantic. If I called him right now and asked him why he never buys me flowers for no reason, he'd get all indignant and start listing off times that he's bought me flowers - like 8 or 9 years ago. And when I point out that all the flowers were 8 or 9 years ago, he'd probably start listing a whole bunch of things that he buys me without me asking for them. Sorry, love...picking up milk on your way home from work doesn't count. It's appreciated, but not quite romantic. Especially considering I don't even drink the milk...

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Mrslinnben Posts : 2,285 Registered: 6/4/07
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Art, have a great romantic weekend!


Deleted Posts : 23 Registered: 1/7/10
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Just came apon this i thought i was the only one going through being involved with a unromantic guy...not married but we have a son and we live together but my fiance is sooo not romantic for valentines day this yr he got me a card omg i cried because i watch all my friends get roses and chocolates nice jewlery and i got a card and when i complained he said "aren't we over that stage now" wth if marriage is like this then lord help he's tries sometimes but he's not very good a being romantic. i love a little romance keeps you on your feet..i love him though he makes me


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