changing the date after invitations are sent

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goldelox20 Posts : 152 Registered: 8/6/07
changing the date after invitations are sent
Posted: Jun 24, 2008 2:56 PM

FH and I have the need to change our date after we've sent out invitations.  FH has an unexpected medical condition and will need treatment and recovery for the next two-three months.  Invitations were sent out 05/30/08, FH was admitted to the hospital on 6/12/08.  Our original wedding date was 8/16/08.

We've contacted all our vendors and all are very corporative and understanding, only the location is sticking to their cancellation/postponement policy. We expect to loose about $450 in that deposit, $200 for our honeymoon airfare, and spend an additional $400 on notices that the wedding is postponed, new invitations, and additional postage.

When we first got engaged, my parents had tried to get us to purchase wedding insurance which we did not do (it would have cost $500, and have a $1000 deductible).  So we've done relatively well in comparison. 

Has anyone else gone through this? Did you make any drastic changes to your wedding?


serendipity3033 Posts : 363 Registered: 5/11/06
Re: changing the date after invitations are sent
Posted: Jun 24, 2008 9:43 PM Go to message in response to: goldelox20

Well, if you consider calling it off a drastic change, then hehe, yes. lol.  I feel what youre going through with the vendors, adn the guests, but dealing with all that on top of whatever is going on with FH must be just awful.  My best wishes go out to you both.


As far as the penalties go, at least you are only postponing, so that shouldnt be quite as bad as flat out cancelling.  In my situation, my guests were absolutely wonderful about it.  Every one of them (ha, except for FMIL) was completely understanding, which was very very relieving, so I hope the same for you.  I think under the circumstances they should be, I mean your health is your health, what can you do?


Best of luck to you and FH, hope he gets better soon!!!!


ArtBride Posts : 4,838 Registered: 5/9/07
Re: changing the date after invitations are sent
Posted: Jun 25, 2008 2:44 PM Go to message in response to: goldelox20

Sorry to hear that your FH isn't well. I hope his recovery goes smoothly.

Have any of your guests RSVP'd yet? If so, I'd call them IMMEDIATELY. Hopefully they haven't made travel plans yet. For the rest, I'd quickly make up little cards that briefly state that the the wedding has been postponed pending FH's recovery (no need to go into details). Don't worry about making these look cute - SPEED is more want to inform your guests of the change of plans ASAP, before they make travel plans. If you already know the new wedding date, you can say 'Please save the date for October 4th. (or whatever) More details to follow.' If you don't know the new date yet, then don't worry about it yet. You'll have to send new invitations later, anyway - but don't commit to a new date without knowing whether your venue can accomodate you on the new date. The important thing right now is to get the 'August plans canceled' information out to your guests ASAP.

Once you know your new plans, send out new invites. Hopefully you won't have to change the size of your guest list, since everybody who received an original invitation would expect to be invited. If you have to make cuts, do it by changing the time of day of the reception and eliminating unneccesary stuff (no limo, fewer flowers) rather than cutting the guest list. Even if you end up losing deposits, that's better than upsetting a bunch of friends and family.

I'm sure your guests will understand. Just try to handle unexpected problems as well as possible. (Like somebody complaining that they've already bought plane tickets, or you getting a lower turnout for the new wedding date than expected)

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