November 2008 Brides

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Re: November 2008 Brides
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Hey everyone I'm back and married!!!

So here's my story, my last day of work was Tuesday. I got home at about 3:30 to finish up a few projects and when I was done I realized my throat was feeling a little funny I didn't think much of it since I don't get sick very often and no one I know has been sick. Well I went to bed and woke up at about 1 with the worst sore throat I have ever had.

Wednesday- We just did a lot of running around and picking up last minute things.

Thursday- DH and I woke up and packed the car so we could go down to my moms (we stayed at her house one night since she live about 20 min away form the wedding and we live 2 hours away). The plan was that 3 of my BM were going to meet us there to help put together favors (caramel apples) and tie bows on the bubbles. Well only one BM showed up, I was a bit disappointed by that but whatever. After that I when to get my eye brows done and we pick up the tuxes. When we got back to my moms my dad was there that was just weird I haven't seen him in 5 yrs and our last meeting hadn't ended well.

Friday- in the morning I when with my mom to get a pedicure, that was the most relaxation I has in the last month. Then it was time to pack the cars up again and head over to the rehearsal. When me and DH where driving there I called all the BMs to make sure they where on their way, all but one was. The one that wasn't lives the farthest and she just keep insuring me that she would be there on time. We got to the chapel at 12:20 and just hung out chatted with some family and friend that showed up unexpectedly (they were staying at a near by hotel for the wedding). Well everyone was on time except for the one BM that I know was going to be late (she's also the mother of my FG so they bother weren't there) she showed up 1hr late and didn't ever stay for the lunch. The rehearsal went smoothly, I was nerves that I might forget something, so we when throw everything 3 times. At lunch I started to feel the effects of being sick, but after I ate I feel way better. After lunch my mom, DH, and I went to see twilight, I was so disappointed in that movie. Well after the movie we checked in to our hotel and I crawled in to bed. I was so sick my mom waned to bring me to the ER, I thought my head was going to explode!!! It hurt so badly (problem #1)!!! My mom ended up going a getting me some over the counter stuff and a big box of tissues and in the morning I feet much better.

Saturday- I work up at 7 and took a nice long hot shower (that really help me feel better). Then got dress and when to the hotel café with my mom for breakfast. At 9:30 me, my mom and one BM when over to the reception to set up (problem #2), we get in the room and the room had Christmas decorations everywhere!!! I started to freak out since my theme is FALL!!! And when I say Christmas I don't just mean a tree and some lights. No I'm talking reindeers, elves, giant gifts and slays. The room was covered in Christmas (for those that don't know my wedding was at Knott's Berry Farm and my reception was in a hall inside the park). I ended up missing my nail appointment waiting for a manager to show up so we could discus the Christmas issue. Finally after waiting 2 hrs I decided I couldn't wait any longer and I left my number with some to have them call me. When we got all the way back to the car and someone in a golf cart told us that a manager showed up and we needed to go back to the reception hall. We get there and we got in a huge argument about the decorations... but I won!!! And 90% on the stuff came down.

Since I missed my nail appointment I end up going to the nastiest nail place I have ever seen. Thankfully the lady did an ok job (I really hope I don't get a nail fungus from there). We get back at the hotel about 11:30 and my BM started on my hair wail I did my makeup. All the BM and GM showed up on time for them most part, the photographers showed up a few minutes later and my florist was a few minutes behind them (I LOVED my flower they where perfect!!!).

We are to the church a few minutes before 4.

Back story- my mom really want me to wear a veil but from day one I told her that I wouldn't be caught dead with one. So I surprised her and wearing one.

Right after the moms worked in and lit the uniting candles I had a friend run my veil to me so we could stick it in my hair. My mom was crying like a baby when she saw me with the veil (it almost made me cry). the ceremony went smoothly except for the fact that my nose keep running and I had to pull out the tissue that I had stuck in the cup up my dress... that was kinda funny.

After the ceremony DH and me took pics throw out the park that was a lot of fun. I could hear people in the park saying things like "is this a really wedding" "no I think there doing a park ad" "she looks like a model it must be an ad".

At 6 it was time for us to make out grand enters (problem #3), our DJ comes out and asked me for the CD for our first dance. I was like what you don't have it!!! Apparently he called DH and told him that he was having problems down loading it and told DH to bring the CD. Well DH didn't bother doing that, but it wouldn't have mater any ways since we didn't have a copy of the CD with us we lift it at home. Thank fully we had his laptop at the hotel and the song was save on it. So my aunt went to get it for us, apparent when she got there our hotel our room door was open and ever light was on. This is odd since I was the last one out. But anyways my aunt saveed the day and we did our first dance after we ate instead of when we walked in.

The rest of the night went pretty smoothly, I got to talk to a lot of family and friends that I don't get to see that often, that was by for my favorite part. Our first dance went good I had to steal my FG's hair tie to shorten my bustle or I would have tripped over it dancing. I ended up going to father daughter dance (I didn't want to do it) and everyone was crying, not a dry eye in the house!!!

At the end of the night we had to wait an hour to get a cart to take my stuff out of the park that really suck I just wanted to go to bed. The cart gets there, we load it up and we get to the gate but it was lock the only out was one of those big metal turn style revolving gates that only go one way... out!!!. So we had to put one gift on the grown and turn the gate and then some on the other side had to pick it up. It was a long night.

All in all ever thing went well and I'm happy it's over, I did realize that that me photographer forget to take a few pics. Like the pic with our hands/rings on top of my bouquet... I'm a little sad about that but on will I'm sure my photograph will take pics of our ring if I can get down to her studio.


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Re: November 2008 Brides
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i just want to say congrats to all the november brides that got married it the past few weeks. i been really busy and i haven't been able to get one here till now. i hope you all hade fun at your weddings


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Re: November 2008 Brides
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Hey Nov. 22 -- congratulations! We can't wait to see your photos!

I haven't seen one photo of my (11/16) wedding yet, but it was kind of nice to totally get away from it during the weeklong honeymoon in New Mexico. I'll post some photos when they come in.

If anyone's interested, here's my Wedding Day Lowdown:

On Friday night I spent the day running errands and getting ready for our welcome dinner, which was held at Daily Grill. It went well, although my brother was obviously in pain the whole time. On Saturday morning, I got up super-early to do more errands and start packing the cars full of decorations and booze and stuff that had to go the venue by the rehearsal, which was at 11:00. At 10:00 my SIL called to say, as I was pulling into my driveway, that my brother's leg was worse and that he was not coming to the rehearsal (he was a GM), and that she and the kids (BM, RB, and FG) were not going to stay for the luncheon. I walked into the house and had my one and only meltdown of the entire wedding. I literally said, "I'm really stressed right now because _____ and I need help getting everything packed." FH's response was "Oh, honey, I'm so sorry!" and then he went back to his coffee and paper. Grrr. I had to give him some slack, though, because he himself had been battling a cold for 2 weeks which was still in full swing, and he had lost his voice! We were literally wondering if he'd be able to say his "I Dos" -- or whether that was his evil plan all along, haha.

The rehearsal and luncheon went well (once we managed to get everything to the rehearsal, that is), and we convinced SIL and the kids to stay for the food, which I think they enjoyed. The rest of the day was open for people to explore Austin. MOH and I did the flowers and the boutonnieres, all of which turned out great, and then she treated me to a manicure at a swanky new spa down the street. THEN she treated me to an awesome massage, which I totally needed at this point. In the evening, we all met up in the evening for a show at Esther's Follies, and then FH and I went out for a late dinner by ourselves -- our last dinner as swinging singles. ;-)

Day Of:

Up super-early AGAIN to run more errands, pick up food for the afternoon, and get ready for the girls' brunch. We went to a pancake house around the corner that's awesome, and I finally got to visit with my aunt and cousins who were in from Maryland. Very fun! Back to my house to get ready, and my wonderful hairdresser was already there and set up in our master bathroom. The next few hours were sort of a blur but still very enjoyable -- we took turns getting hair and makeup done upstairs, and then just visiting, nibbling on sandwiches, and drinking champagne downstairs with all of the other chicks who were visiting.

Getting to the wedding was a little tricky because we had to wait for my brother to be able to get into his car (no mean feat) and wait for my SIL to caravan with us because she's the most directionally-challenged person I have ever met. So we got to the venue about a half hour late, which meant a good chunk of our photography time was 86'd. I'm honestly not expecting many pictures. But FH and I had our "first look" photo on the porch of the Barr Mansion and it was so sweet. His jaw dropped open and he started to tear up. And he looked so handsome! Apparently the drugs he'd been taking were helping with his cold, although he still couldn't really talk.

The weather was gorgeous -- crisp and sunny, with blue Texas skies.

Part II in the next post!


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Re: November 2008 Brides
Posted: Nov 29, 2008 10:56 AM Go to message in response to: BrandNewAmy

The ceremony was fun. Really, fun! Everybody did great with their entries, except the FG took a litte too long passing our her flowers and so the music was long finished by the time she got up to the altar. As I got the altar with my dad, I saw my brother struggling to his feet -- he was determined to stand up there with me. :-)

Our readers were wonderful (we did two very unusual love letters that I found after exhaustive searching), our friend who married us was terrific, and we loved each other's vows. (I had just rewritten mine from my Blackberry 15 minutes earlier!) The biggest laugh of the ceremony was after Rodney said his vows. He got a little overcome and leaned forward to kiss me. I realized at the last second that his lips were headed my way and I averted my face towards the audience, with probably a pretty funny look on it to boot. Everybody cracked up, especially when his brother (BM) smacked him on the back and said, "You're not supposed to do that now, dummy!"

But it was very special and we loved the brevity, honesty and humor of it all. The reception was stone gorgeous and the food was awesome. Our incredible day-of wedding coordinator that came with the venue made sure we had our preferred drinks to drink, and made us sit down and eat dinner. Our cakes were beautiful and delicious, the music was great, and we could see people looking around at the venue going "Wow!" That made us feel really good.

At the end of the evening we ran through a gauntlet of sparklers to our car and headed home. But my MOH had gotten us a room at a hotel, so we packed a few things and went there -- to fall straight asleep! Exactly as we'd suspected would be the case. ;-)

For the most part, the wedding was perfect. The only glitches were getting there on time and a few stupid guests who either didn't come (with no prior warning) or who came with a guest after RSVP-ing for 1, which of course screwed up our seating arrangements and forced some people to have to find other seats. As the hostess, this totally steamed me, though I can honestly say that the people who did this were pretty iffy to begin with.

We spent Monday getting ready for the honeymoon and handling a gazillion errands, and we left on Tuesday for New Mexico. AWESOME trip! NM is beautiful and romantic, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. (We stayed 3 nights in Taos and 4 nights in Santa Fe.) I won't bore you with honeymoon details, but suffice it to say, the rest and rejuvenation were just what the doctor ordered!

And that's it! I'm an old married lady -- woohoo!

Where are the other November 2008 brides????


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Re: November 2008 Brides
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Hey! Nov 23 for me. congrats to everyone!

We haven't gone on our honeymoon yet. It's a cruise to puerto rico, St. Thomas and St. Marteen. We were supposed to go a week after our wedding but my husband lost his original birth certificate. We called the cruise line and they rescheduled it for dec 14. and we got the new birth cert and i'm holding on to it now lol.

I haven't got any of the pro pics back yet, but i'll post some when I get them.


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Re: November 2008 Brides
Posted: Dec 17, 2008 1:51 PM Go to message in response to: MrsGrimm

Hi All!! I'm so sorry I haven't had the time to say congratulations to all brides who got married in November 2008!

We are are officially married! I have yet to receive my marriage certificate, photos and video yet. Feels weird that my days do not involve any wedding planning anymore. I will update about my wedding day and will post some of my wedding pictures!

Have a wonderful day ladies!



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