The american bride

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The american bride
Posted: Jan 6, 2005 1:57 AM

I sell the ultimate gown a girl can ever dream of. As wonderful as it sounds, many tell me this must be the best job ever, I question the admiration,only because of the fact that this is the ultimate garmet. It is not the little black dress nor is it the seductive lingerie displayed on the eve of Valentines day.I sell the most admired, thoughtful vision created in the minds eye of every woman and girl that walks through my door. This is the most powerful piece of clothing a woman can grace upon themselves. To commit themselves as I have myself to a man ,wearing a heavenly white gown or a candlelight satin of sheer elegance I feel graceful. And the look on his face when I approached him is what it is all about. So many dismiss the true meaning of what the marriage is about. It is not what the mother thinks of the dress, its not about the one bridesmaid that is the size 18,its not about the pregnancy unexpected,nor is it about impressing others. Life is so short living by thoes standards. I feel hurt by the standard set forth for the bride today. Never loose touch with what matters. Love can never be lost. I have passion in my work of finding every one of my brides the perfect wedding gown only because it is the ultimate.Whether it is the first ,second or final gown they will always be beautiful in my eyes


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