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firstweddinginn... Posts : 77 Registered: 9/15/07
Re: promise rings
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I got one about 6 months before I got the e-ring. I had just been through a 'my friend is getting married now i want to get married' spell that blew over in about a week. But my FH gave me a promise ring (amythist and blue topaz-so pretty)as it was ending and we talked and I agreed that I didnt really want to BE married as much as I wanted to GET married. Unknown to me, that little rant started proposal wheels in motion and when he proposed 6 months later i was completely over it. I didnt get the 'wedding bug' for another 4 years where I am now in the midst of planning the wedding.    

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Re: promise rings
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I did-ish.

He got me a steel ring with a 7 point star carved into the front and back of the ring before I left for my internship last summer. It was so that no matter where we were, when i looked at it at night, we were both looking at the stars, and when we weren't talking or together, everytime I looked at it I felt very connected to him. It was also a symbol of of our love, as when he gave it to me was the first time he told me he loved me (something he had never said to his previous girlfriends...) nine mo after that we were engaged!

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Re: promise rings
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Yes...When I was 18...From a guy that I broke up with 4 years later.  I have always felt that a promise ring is for the younger sect, perhaps those who cannot yet afford an engagement ring or need a few years before they are ready to make it official.  Just my feelings!


11Bride2B Posts : 4 Registered: 4/7/08
Re: promise rings
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My boyfriend gave me a promise ring the month of our high school graduation. We had been together 1.5 years then.  It was a sign of our committment and love for one another despite how uncertain the next year would be due to the fact that we were attending seperate colleges.  It helped us move out of the puppy love mind set and into a more mature and serious relationship.  Now that its been three years (and our wedding is still three years away), every time I feel the ring against my finger it reminds me of the wonderful and supporting man that I love with all my heart.


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Re: promise rings
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I've gotten 2 from my FH.  We first started dating when we were 18 the tail end of our senior year of high school.  That Christmas, he gave me a promise ring because we were very much in love but no where near ready to get married yet.. in fact, FH wasn't even real sure if he ever wanted to get married to anyone but he wanted me to know how much he loved me.  (And he knew how much I loved the color pink)

Then July of last year we started talking about getting married.  We have been through a lot of hard times and had a lot of very rough patches over the years (we celebrated 6 years in June) and he wanted me to really know how serious he was that he wanted to get married.  We were looking at e-rings but he wanted to save up for one, didn't want to go into debt over it and I didn't want him to, and even though I told him I couldn't care less what size or dollar amount the ring was I just want him, it was important to him to give me a nice ring, so he gave me the second promise ring to tide me over.

It used to be his mom's and it's super sparkly.  To be honest, I would be happy with it as me e-ring and sometimes people ask me if we're engaged and he tells them he could do better than that.  I try to tell him it's not important what other people think but it's important to him so I just let it go...

I wear the second one on my left finger and the first one on my right.

Last week his mom gave him a 37 pt diamond she had and a gold ring with 4 chip diamonds in it and I had my mom's wedding set which had 5 small diamonds and a 19 pt center stone and we took them to the jeweler on Monday.  We decided on having it made into a 3 stone ring (he just had to buy another one the same size as my mom's) and the small ones will be pave on the sides.  And the best part is it's amazingly affordable this way since we had almost all of the materials so he's essentially just paying for the labor.  The lady gave us a great deal because the family I live with go to her all the time and had her make their daughets e-ring and wedding band last year.

Plus I just love how sentimental it is, too.  I love stuff like that.

It will end up looking something like this:

It will be ready by the 15th at the latest but for all I know it could be done already.  A couple of days ago he said that he they called him to come look at all the diamonds together before the melted the gold down to set them and he said they look beautiful.

He was acting funny today and asking weird questions about what I would think if he wanted to go to disneyland etc.  I told him I would never assume he was going to propose because I haven't assumed for the last year no matter what we were doing!  (except christmas when I opened his present and it was a jewelry box! but it was a necklace lol)  We went to dland for my birthday back in may and I never assumed then.

And then when he was driving me home, he asked me why I haven't asked him if the ring is done yet and made a weird face.  I told him that I know he will ask when he's going to ask.

OF COURSE I am super excited!!!  And I hope I can contain it and be patient which will be HARD because it's been hard the last year and now knowing he is going to have a ring will be much tougher!

But stay tuned because before long, it will be official!!


P.S. winterbride, I am hoping for a winter wedding too!  I am aiming for January or February 2009 which is coming up quick which is part of why I am so anxious to make it official.  But we are definitely going to set a date in 2009 so if we can't make it happen early in the year than I am thinking November or December.

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