Ushers? Usherettes?

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Ushers? Usherettes?
Posted: Sep 4, 2007 2:30 PM

FH and I are having our reception an aquarium.  The rooms we are having the reception in are at the "end" of the place.  Basically, you have to go through the aquarium to the last exhibits.  I want to include my cousins who aren't in the wedding party by making them ushers (would the girls be usherettes?) to help direct everyone through to the right place.  Should they dress like the wedding party?  My BMs are wearing tropical print sundresses and the GMs are wearing hawaiian print shirts and khaki shorts.  My thinking is that if they dress like the rest of the party guest will know that they are supposed to follow them.

Here's a map so you can kinda see what I mean.  The reception is going to be set up in the areas marked "Graveyard of the Atlantic" and "Wreck Room".  I'm kinda lost.  I can't put up signs, and I don't want people feeling like they are wandering aimlessly so it seems best to have some people to direct them.

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Re: Ushers? Usherettes?
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Yeah, I think ushers would be a good idea. If you want them to dress like the wedding party, I think that's Ok - but if you want to distinguish them from the BMs and GMs, you can have them wear lais or tropical flowers in the girls' hair. I think the term is probably 'usher' whether they are male or female.
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