Are weddings just for women?

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Are weddings just for women?
Posted: Feb 7, 2005 3:14 PM

Hello Bride's Magazine readers,
I am the future Groom of a wonderful woman. We are both excited about the big day and I have spent a number of hours looking at magazines looking for advice for the man about the big day. It just seems like most if not all of the magazines are written for her in mind. I have found little information and advice for men in most wedding magazines. I know that this might come as a suprize to many of the readers of this email but I the Groom want to take a more active role in the biggest day of my life and could use your help.

Me and my future wife have been blessed with caring and giving families. Her parents have given us the use of their time-share for our honeymoon. My future wife wants to run away and get married. Or stay locally and just have the witnesses at the cerimony. I am sure that this will offend some people but this is what she and I have decided on. We want to have a large party for our families and our freinds to celerbrate though.

I guess my question for you would be. How can I make this all happen without causing a lot of stress for her or our families in the process?

Some back ground info that might help you help me:
We will have the use of the time-share in the third week of July.
She is a school teacher and will be still in school at that time. I am nurse and have no problems taking off during that time.
The guest list for the party includes around 100 people. We have the food and wine already taken care of.
We would like to have it in our home that we do not have at the moment or in a hall.
We are not sure if we get married first, go away and then come back to a party to celebrate OR get married, have the party and then go away?
And we have a budget of 4000 to pay for the hall, tables, chair, linins, DJ, flowers, and a cake.
We are simple people that simply love to have a good time and with your help and advice I think/know we could.
Thank you for reading this and look foward to reading from you.
The Groom


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