Putting my GRRR face on

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Putting my GRRR face on
Posted: Aug 20, 2005 9:02 PM

So, the honeymoon is over... Today is my husband's recently deceased uncle's birthday and the family is having a celebration in his honor. Hubby is rightfully not in a happy mood. I was unable to join them because I had to work. In addition, we are trying to pack up and move this weekend to our new apartment. I'm in a GRRR kind of mood because I'm getting snapped at any time I try to speak with my husband. I called to let him know that I would be able to get a moving van after work and got snapped at. I called to let him know that I picked up said moving van after work and got snapped at. This time was worse and I actually hung up on him. I feel bad, but I'm also really frustrated that I did all of the apartment searching (in a town I don't really want to move to), got the van, pay the bills, cook, clean, pack... and I have to uproot myself and look for a new job. I've actually had a pretty sunny outlook through this whole process, but today is really wearing on me. I've expressed my sympathies. I've also expressed that I would appreciate some help and a less grumpy attitude. Am I being unreasonable? Should I just be letting him alone? Part of me feels like he's just wallowing in drama (because this was an uncle that he was not close to). The other part of me realizes that he values family above all else, regardless of how close the ties. How much is too much? We still need to go about our business because we have a very limited amount of time to work with.

Sorry, this is long and I just need to get it out...


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