JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)

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JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 5:36 PM

Hi ladies. My husband is always accusing me of being "weird," "bizarre," and "odd." Why? Because I have a giant list of strange pet-peeves and things that just drive me absolutely mental. He and my entire family all find them hilarious. I thought it might be fun and a great LAUGH/de-stresser if we all started a list of all the random things that we hate. Our personal pet peeves. I will start the ball rolling of course. Be ready to call me weird, cuz weird things bother me!!! I cant help it. Here goes...

Things I Hate/Pet Peeves ....

1. People who make that weird whistling sound through their nose when they breathe

2. Men who have nosehairs, earhairs and eyebrow hairs running rampant in all directions. WHY, I ask you??!!! Take some tweezers to that ..it drives me mental!!!

3.  Dirty napkins all folded up, especially when they are covered in a combination of eggs and ketchup. EEWWW! Also, plates with dried up egg and ketchup. God Im gonna puke.

4. People who slurp their cereal (my husband does this to me all teh time on purpose because he knows it annoys me.) Worse than that..just the idea of drinking warm milk in a bowl that has cereal CRUMBS all through it. YUCK!!! How can you DRINK that?

5. FEET. I hate feet. Everything about them. Especially mens feet with their gross little hairs on the toes. Big giant ugly toes. Men in sandals with toes hanging out. Bleh.

6. When people eat corn on the cob, and the cob is sitting on their plate with teeth marks all in it. Makes me ill. Even my own. I love corn on the cob, but the INSTANT Im done eating it, I feel sick looking at that cob. Touching it or being forced to throw out someone elses cob just about sends me over the edge.

7. People who think they are sooooo important while talking on their stupid cellphones. Like anyone really gives a crap what they are talking about. Shut the hell up already. Stop yelling on a crowded bus or in a restaurant. Go home and talk in private.

8. When people say, "hot enough for ya?" or "cold enough for ya?" and actually expect a reply.

9. When you are in a movie theatre and its NOT CROWDED at all, and some dumbass has to sit right freakin next to you out of all the empty seats in the whole damn room!! What is that?? Go away. Sit at least one row away from me lol.

10. When someone puts their directional on AFTER they switch lanes. Yeah thanks buddy. Thats great. That really helps me.

11. People who go to baseball games and leave before the 9th inning. Whats the point of that? Thats like going to a movie and leaving halfway through. Makes no sense.

12. When Im at a restaurant with someone and they start picking off my plate without asking. THat drives me insane. (I dont mind if its my husband or a family member...but anyone else, uh...no. )

Okay... Ill leave you with those for now. Believe me, there is PLENTY more, I just dont want to overwhelm youwith my weirdness all at once LOL. I hope it made you laugh, and I cant wait to hear yours!!!

Kelley Lynn:)


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Re: JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 5:49 PM Go to message in response to: kelleyiskelley

1. at my job...people who ask me questions where the entire sentence except for one word is inaudible.

2. people who ask questions by giving one word like "restaurants." okay....so are we playing "name that noun?"

3. people who want sips from my cup. uhm...i'd prefer not to get your std thank you.

4. people who ask me when i'm having babies and assuming that i'm giving up my career to have babies now that i'm getting married.

5. tourists in nyc who don't realize that walking on the sidewalk in manhattan is the equivalent of driving on the highway at rush hour. if you walk too slow, you are going ot get tail gated and there will be walk rage.

6. tourists who say "why is everyone in new york in such a rush?" uhm...i bet if i came to your street when you are trying to get to work adn drove 5 mph in front of your car during rush hour and asked you why you were in a rush...you'd be pretty peeved.

7. people who say "i like new york but i wouldn't want to live there." yeah neither would i want you to live here. hehehe..okay that's just bitchy of me but i find that annoying b/c i hear it constantly and i feel like it's kind of a jab.

8. Kellylynn, you'll appreciate this probably. When people find out I'm an actor, I hate it when they assume that means I just want to be famous. People say "oh you should do a reality t.v. show"...uhm...no I'm an artist not a celeb wannabe. I also hate it when people don't respect acting as an art form. And seriously, if a kid said they wanted to be a basketball player, people would assume it's because they loved basketball, not because they wanted to be famous....

9. Constantly getting asked if I got cast in something yet. It's like constantly being asked how the job search is coming along. It's a frustrating question.


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Re: JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 5:51 PM Go to message in response to: kelleyiskelley

oh funny post! Ok here are a few of mine:

1. Cottage Cheese. Never tried it. Don't plan to. The way it looks makes me want to throw up!

2. Feet. I am with you Kelley Lynn. Everything about feet is disgusting. I HAVE to have my toes painted or else i won't wear flip flops. I especially hate when people touch my feet. Pedicures are pure torture.

3. When people smack their gum or chew with their mouth open. Oh my goodness, please, how hard is it to keep your mouth CLOSED when you chew? i don't WANT to see what is going on in your mouth!

4. People who only talk about themselves and NEVER ask what is going on in anyone elses life. come on, the world does NOT revolve around you!

5. When someone talks down to me or when people treat me like I am 13 years old. YES i am 20 but look like I am 15, but that is NO reason to treat me like a child.

6. Men in speedos or short shorts. While men might like the sight of woman's thighs, mens white hairy thighs are NOT attractive in the least bit! Please, please, please cover them up!

I'm sure there is more, but that's all for now. Wow, i feel much better now :)



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allymo23 Posts : 441 Registered: 9/14/06
Re: JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 5:51 PM Go to message in response to: kelleyiskelley

oops double post

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Re: JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 5:52 PM Go to message in response to: kelleyiskelley

LOL  that's quite a list!  well i started a list on another thread, but no need to repeat here lol

ummm some new ones.

fh...leave cabinet doors open in the kitchen...how hard is it to close the door?

no one but me will pick up the newspaper on the driveway....i mean really, they would let the driveway look like a recycling center before they would bend down and pick up a newspaper to bring it in the house!

whew...2 is enough for me right now...it's getting me annoyed LOL 





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Re: JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 6:07 PM Go to message in response to: kelleyiskelley

1) feet! They creep me out too. MyFH thinks its funny to stick his feet on me. I just keep moving away till I can't anymore so I either yell at him or walk away. Both crack him up. :sigh:

2) getting stuck behind a big truck on a hill. I get soo mad! All the people behind me get pissed and fly out to pass me. So Of course now I can't pass cause everyone else does. Do you think I WANT to be going 30 in a 55? No THEN LET ME OUT! AAA!! (that happened on the way to work in the morning)

3) people that invade my bubble. I HATE it! I don't care if you are in a crowded store, stay out of my space!

4) speaking of crowds. I hate people! My mom and I went to a jewelry show and people would litteraly bowl us over. We would be stopped and to the side, and some one that needed to get by wouldn't even LOOK before ramming into me! If I can't get through I at least say excuse me!

4) CASHIERS! I know you have a hard job, and I am not TRYING to make it worse. But when the prices don't match don't get Mad at me! Honestly!

5) SHOES! I have 2 different shoe sizes. My left is a 8 1/2 and my right is a 9. I get soooo annoyed about not being able to get shoes that fit! I llive at payless cause I can afford to get 2 pairs and swap them out so my feet don't hurt.

6) The clothing makers. Is it so hard to make jeans/tops/ dresses that are designed to fit women with a Butt, waist AND boobs? If I find something that fits my butt its HUGE at my waist. If I find a shirt that fits my boobs it is GIANT around the rest of me. And dresses...... are designed for sticks!

Also! Whats up with taking perfectly atttractive empire waist sundresses and adding pleats? Those make ANYONE look pregnant! Size 0 on up.

Damn fashion industry! I am trying in vain to find jeans that will fit my butt and thighs and Not stick out 6 inches from my waist. I have three pairs, and the designer changed the cut of the jeans so notw I can't find anything!!!

Last) Dishonest mortgage brokers. My FH went to go talk to a mortage broker and a realestate agent. I don't know WHAT rate they quoted him but they said a $200,000 mortgage would be $2,800 a month payments. When I go on line I don't get that high for a 15 year 10% 0 money down mortgage! 

So we were thinking no condo, but now I may go talk to someone HONEST. Cause they wouldn't even tell him the rate.

OKay, gotta stop or I will go on forever!


Can't wait till September 15, 2007!


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Re: JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 6:10 PM Go to message in response to: kelleyiskelley

My goodness what fun!

First. .and this is my BIGGEST PEEVE EVER!! -- Do not use all the toliet paper and leave the empty roll! Second -- If you need a new roll of TP -- PUT IT ON THE DARN ROLLER -- do NOT sit the roll on top!! Glen does this to me to see how long after i walk in I am going to yell... Very funny - NOT

3. People who walk without picking up their feet. I dont care how old you are; how tired you are or how early it is. If you are walking around theose feet need to come all the way off the floor. I CANT STAND the sound of shuffling feet!

4. Do nmot mute the TV or change the station when a commercial comes on. If you dont want to watch - Get a drink; go the bathroom, step outside and get a breath of air.. BUT DONT SCREW with my TV if I am watching a program.

5. People who call at dinner time and then wont let me get off the phone. I  prefer my dinner hot the first time and not reheated if possible

6 - Mom I will do it in a minute and two hours later we are having a similar conversation. She will have a teenager some day. I cant wait to say ... Been there done that - Let me find the T-shirt for you dear!

Lastly-- I am tired of people asking me about the wedding and then telling me I should do it a different way. If I ASK - please tell me your opinion. if YOU ask -- shut the hell up and keep your  opposing opnion to yourself. If you insist on sharing - be prepared for me to flip out and tell you where to go considering how close to the wedding we are getting! 


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Re: JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 7:53 PM Go to message in response to: kelleyiskelley

I've got some


1. Whistling. It drives me nut the freakin wall when someone starts to whistle. See I'm mostly deaf in one ear but can still hear tones and trust me, that's not a pleasant one!


2. When someone blows their nose when I'm standing there. Gross, could you not have excused yourself!?


3. When people crack their necks. Now if you like to crack your neck go for it, but is it to much to ask you don't do it while I'm talking to you?!


4. Two way cell phones. Good, now I get to hear both sides of your self important conversation.


5. People who think their owed something. Trust me, your not. I don't care what wrong you think you suffered, suck it up.


6. When I say something that blantently true and someone goes "Really?" I'm not going to change my answer or go "No not really, I'm just fooling you."


7. The noises people make while eating or drinking to fast. Trust me, it's not gonna get up and run away if you slow down a little bit.


8. When I have to repeat myself because someone wasn't listening.


9. I REALLY hate it when someone criticizes something I JUST said I liked. Why do that? I'm not going to think your right. I'm going to think your a jackass.


10. When someone tries to appear smart, but it's painfully obvious their a dumbass.


11. When Someone starts complaining without even a "Hey how are ya?" There's a girl I know who does that A LOT


12. When people think their opinion actually matters more than it does. It's YOUR opinion. That doesn't mean I have to agree with it. It's not a fact, it's again, your opinion! 


There's more, but I'll leave it at that lol.

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Re: JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 8:12 PM Go to message in response to: KitKatBar

ok I live in a small town about an hour south of albany NY.  I work at the local supermarket.  It only have 5 aisles plus produce aisle and dairy aisles so 7 all together. its not that big.

1. Customer walks in doesn't even look at anything and says "wheres the Ice".  Well it wouldn't be in the oven why don't you look first.

2. Where is the milk. Well lets see if you would look you will find it in the last aisle.

I do understand if you can't find something, such as pine nuts ( no body can find them)



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Re: JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 8:38 PM Go to message in response to: kelleyiskelley

Haha...lots of things get on my nerves...

1. I live in a very congested area.....(San Francisco Bay Area) and I hate hate hate hate hate it when people are up my f-----g ass! If you looked ahead you'd see that there was a car in front of me and nowhere for me to go. I've already been rear ended once and I am not about to have my new baby damaged. I always tell FH that the next person who rear ends me will have their ass smashed into the ground!  Ok...that was good.

2. People who talk on cell phones in public places....especially in a long line. I honestly dont want to spent 20 mins listening to a conversation. I just want to scream and say get off your f-----g phone!  

3. Stupidity...there have been so many times when I want to smack someone on the head and say "DUH!"

4. Late people. What's so hard about being somewhere on time. Enough said.

5. This is a wierd one...I hate it when people leave messages on my cell phone and say hey call me back. If i see that I have a missed call from you... I will call you back. No need to leave a message just to tell me to call you back.

I think I'm done. This wedding is stressing me out!

The Big Day: 9/20/08


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Re: JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 8:47 PM Go to message in response to: kelleyiskelley

Good post, KL. I'm totally with you on #7! To add to that,

1. People walking around talking hands free on cell phones--I usually think they're schizophrenics and talking to themselves!

2. Restaurants that have NO sound dampening--they think that deafening noise adds to the "ambiance."

3. Paying exhorbitant prices for some tasteless meal that I can fix better in my own kitchen.

4. Sales "help" who don't know anything--if I can even find them when I have a question.

5. The baby doll look--I stopped being a baby doll a looong time ago. In fact, not being able to find any clothes that are not designed either for 12 year-olds or for my Mom.

6. My husband channel surfing.

7. People who talk during the movie--if you can't shut up, stay in your family room--and leave your baby home!

8. Gasoline prices!! Especially in Southern California!

9. Stupid action movies--I'm explosioned and CG'd out.

10. Bigots.

Ten's enough for now.

myra at www.classysassyweddings.com



Shorty Posts : 161 Registered: 9/19/06
Re: JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 9:46 PM Go to message in response to: myra

Fun Post!


1.  I CAN NOT STAND the sound of people chewing food.  Potato chips and apples are the worst for some reason.  At work, my boss will still chomping on potato chips...it drives me up the wall!  And no one can figure out why I can't eat lunch with them.  EAT QUIETER!!!


2.  People who feel like they have to go 20 mph UNDER the speed limit when driving past a cop.  If you are going the speed limit, you'll be fine!  You don't need to let the snail pass you!


3.  People who keep telling me not to make things for my wedding.  I am a DIY person.  I love doing this stuff.  Yes, Im stressed!  I am planning a wedding.  Can't you remember 100 years ago when you planned yours?


4.  Washing out a bowl that had cream cheese, or mayo, or some other type of dip in it. This stuff is not meant to mix with water!


5 (precursor, I work in a doctors office)  When I tell people they have fasting labs to do, which means nothing but water for twelve hours.  "What if I drink a diet coke?  What do you mean...Its Diet!"  "Can I have coffee"  Are either of these options water?  I didn't think so!


6.  Going along with #5, when people come in to the lab to have their blood drawn, they tell me they need to see the vampire.  HA.  I've never heard that one before.  When I ask if they have been fasting, they respond with "All I had was bacon, eggs, and steak"  Funny people.  Its 8:00 in the morning.  I am trying to wake up with MY cup of coffee which YOU can not drink, and doing it so you don't notice.  Do you want to push my buttons, because I will make sure you can smell every aromatic flavor of my coffee! 


Okay, Bad day at work today.  I will stop now!

Re: JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 9:47 PM Go to message in response to: myra

Great Thread KL!

1.  I agree with you all about the clothes that make everyone look pregnant.  No, I'm not and I don't want to discuss that with everyone.

2.  I can't find a pair of jeans that will stay up.  These low rises have gotten rediculous.

3.  Cellphones...I don't want to hear your every thought.  And the two ways are so much worse...Now I get everybodies thoughts.

4.  People who need the TV on all the time for background noise.  I don't want you listening to the TV...I want you to listen to me...No you aren't any good at multitaksing...trust me.

5.  Selfish People who have to make everything about themselves.  Sorry, but the sun is the center of this universe, not you.

6.  Putting the new roll of toilet paper on the back of the toilet.  Hey, can't see it there!  There is a holder to put it on.

7.  Bear-baiting, or in this case Bride-baiting...it's become a sport in my family...they think I'm too calm or something, they are trying to see if they can cause a bridezilla moment.

8.  People who can't mail back a self-addressed stamped envelope!  RSVP means RSVP.

OK I better stop now...obviously the stress of being less than a month to the wedding is coloring most of this.


RockysGirl Posts : 1,125 Registered: 10/24/06
Re: JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 10:37 PM Go to message in response to: Guest


1. Oooh, the clothes, definately.  Babydoll really sucks.  Also, some people have curves; healthy ones!  I have a smaller waist than butt.  Does that make me a freak?  I have runner's thighs because....I was a runner!  Clothes expect me to have scrawny, muscleless legs, a flat but and a gut.  Either that or I have to dress like an old lady with high waist, droopy butt and huge hips.  Are we just not supposed to have fitting clothing from age 23-50?

2. People that are lazy and tell me I'm lucky.  No, I'm not.  I have a good job because I worked my a$$ off for 7 years through grad school.  I'm thinner than you because I've spent my life eating healthy and exersizing.   I can buy new clothes and eat out because I don't have a car payment and unneccessary bills.

3. People who make up who they think I am and then treat me that way.  I'm not a cheap little slut, I'm not a lumberjack who has no clue how to survive in the city or dress like a girl.  Where do you even come up with these ideas?

4. People who think that their way is the only way.  Can you tell I just moved to the South?  So I don't fry my salmon, I'm not having a groom's cake, and I don't live my life exactly like you and your friends do.  That means I'm different than you, not wrong.

5. People who are undependable and lazy.  I'm working my butt off to get things done.  I don't need to have your irresponsible butt getting in my way. Really, how can you live with yourself?  Got off of the drugs, stop quitting every job you get, stop expecting people to bend over backwards for you.  Loser.



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Re: JUST FOR FUN: Things You Hate! (NWR but good for Stress)
Posted: May 7, 2007 11:45 PM Go to message in response to: RockysGirl

This is such a good thread!  Ok, mine are:

1) I'm a waitress, and I hate it when people act like I'm bothering them when I bring them their food, or a refill.  I promise, I'm not trying to eavesdrop...would you rather I not bring you anything at all?  I bet you'd be complaining to my manager and trying to get me fired!

2.  When my FH says that he's stressed.  I don't get it!  He works one job (like 30 hours a week).  I work two, am studying for finals, moving, and, oh yeah, PLANNING A WEDDING ALL BY MYSELF!  Don't tell me you're stressed if you slept until 2 and then worked for 5 hours.

3.  When people try to leave messages on my cell, when my outgoing message clearly states that I'm having a problem receiving messages.

4.  People being stupid in general.  Really, doesn't anyone have common sense anymore?


It just keeps getting closer.....


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