FH won't discuss wedding

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Re: FH won't discuss wedding
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My FH wouldn't dicuss the wedding either. He said that he just needed time for things to sink in. I think that he was still a little upset that he couldn't keep a secret from me and had to propose earlier than he had planned on. He was going to ask me this Christmas but I can read him a little too well i guess. Now that we have been engaged for a month he has started discussing things more. He is telling me more about what he wants and his family traditions so that we can work together to get things going. I am sure that your FH will come around just give him some time to let things soke in. Some guys just don't understand that this is a day that girls plan since they are 12 if not younger. It just takes them longer for things to soke in. My future sister in law put it as he is like a sponge. When the water finally sokes in. He will be ready to help. Hang in there. I know things will work out.Wink


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