The Proposal: Did It Surprise You?

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Re: The Proposal: Did It Surprise You?
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KataandUly, that "did you lose a contact?" line is totally classic! Funny story! :)

Re: The Proposal: Did It Surprise You?
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Despite my sleuthing and nagging, my fiance' was able to surprise me.

We were looking for rings and talking about marriage in October and November of 2004. Well, one day, he just didn't want to look at rings anymore. So of course, I was worried. I didn't know if something had happened to us or if he was planning something. So regretfully, I would bring up the subject nagging to the reason why we aren't looking at rings any more.

Well this went on till July of 2005 when he said he won a private dinner for two at the Missouri Botanical Gardens here in St. Louis. Well, I then started dreading the day because I didn't think it was right to propose at a free dinner you win.

The day came and we were on our way to the dinner. We had gone out to IHOP earlier that day with his family and he was acting strange. He kept hopping up answering his phone and he looked nervous. So, I still have that feeling of dread especially since my dad told me that my fiance had asked him for my hand in marriage three months ago.

So when we get to the gardens, my fiance asks me to don a blindfold because he was told what the setup and location would look like and he wanted me to be surprised. Well he leads me around in circles for about a half and hour and then he leads me up some steps. At the top of the steps, he starts telling me that he loves me and he removes my blindfold. Well to my dismay, there wasn't a table. The only thing there was a guitar player and at that moment he began singing "Wanna Grow Old with You" by Adam Sandler". I was in shock and it just so happened that my secret wish was that my fiance's would serenade me for the proposal since I love his singing voice.

Well, at the end of the song, he ended on one knee and presented the most perfect ring. In fact it was the ring I had drawn back in November when we just weren't finding the perfect ring. We were both frustrated because we just couldn't find something unique enough so he had me draw the perfect ring. Well after I drew it, I had thrown it away, I never thought it could be made. So you can imagine my dismay when the ring I drew was standing in front of me. I was in such shock that it was difficult to allow Yes to stammer from my mouth.

What made the surprise even better was that he had gotten his brother in law to come to the garden with our camcorder to videotape the thing. Well since I was snooping. My fiance couldn't tell his brother in law, why he would be going to the gardens with a camcorder. Well because of this, all the calls that morning was from his sister because she was upset that my fiance was requesting her husband to tape something frivolous. Well, needless to say after finding out, my fiance proposed, she forgave him.

I would say that a surprise makes the proposal that much sweeter, but the surprise should happen after the couple talks about marriage and rings because most men don't know what women like in jewelry.

We became engaged on August 14th, 2005, Ten months, two weeks after shopping for rings. Apparently custom made rings take some time to make. He literally proposed one week after the ring was finished.

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only with what you are expecting to give - which is everything.
Katharine Hepburn

Re: The Proposal: Did It Surprise You?
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Near Christmas all these commercials for wedding dress sales and adds for engagement rings were on tv and in the mail just about every day. My fiance kept kinda subtly asking my opion on jewelry or dresses or flowers, etc when he would see an add or when a commercial would come on. I really started to think that he would propose on Christmas. Well Christmas came and went with no proposal. Then like the day after Christmas he just stoped talking about anything wedding related. I thought ok whatever, our friends had just got engaged so maybe he would do it later (so he wouldnt steal their thunder so to speak). He completly stopped talking about anything wedding related and kinda made it seem like he wanted to wait a while (we had just bought a house and money was a little tight).

Over New Years weekend I was really sick so we just kinda hung out around the house. I really wanted to watch a movie of mine but my mom had borrowed it. I was getting ready to go to her house to get it back from her and he stopped me and said no you need to stay home your sick. So he went to my parent's house and was gone for about an hr (they live like 7 minutes from us).  I just thought they had started talking or something no big deal. Well he came home and told me to just sit down on the counch and relax. He came over to me and knelt down in front of me and pulled out a ring, he was shaking and looked so nervous. He asked me to marry him and of couse I said yes. And of course I started to cry.

Afterwards he told me the reason he kept hinting about things is because he was trying to find out if I was ready to get married. He said he stopped talking about it because he was trying to throw me off, he didnt want me to expect it. He said he was looking for a reason to go to my parents house without me so he could ask my dad's permission, and picking up the movie for me was a perfect excuse.


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