Brides & Grooms: How did you and Fiance meet?

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Re: Brides & Grooms: How did you and Fiance meet?
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I first met my FH when he was only 15!!!  I had moved from KS to go to college in CA, and my new roomate (who I had never met) turned out to be his older sister!  Little did I know that this boy had the hots for his sister's roomate from day one (me!  haha).  His sister, Katie, and I became the best of friends, and roomed for the 2 years in college.  Then, I met a guy through my brother in Nashville, TN, and fell in love.  It was wonderful and dramatic, and I moved to Nashville and got married!  It was crazy and intense...and great....until he came home one day and said "I don't want to be married anymore...I'm leaving".  Yeah.  PAAAAINFUL and shocking.

WHILE I was going through my divorce, I flew out to CA to be in Katie's wedding!  It was really hard, because I was going through such turmoil, but her brother and I hung out a lot.  It was TOTALLY innocent, because I thought he thought of ME as a sister!  Plus I was NO WHERE close looking for a relationship.  But he was such a gentleman to me and I remember thinking "Wow, that boy is going to make some girl really happy someday."

Well, 18 mos later, I decide to start my life over and move back to CA.  I was getting back in touch with everyone here and had lost Katies I emailed Josh!  He had grown up VERY handsomely, so I gently flirted a little to see if he would either take it as a "sisterly comment" or as a "flattering hit on him".  :)  hehe. 

Sure enough, we started texting, talking, emailing, and as soon as I moved out here last year we made it official!  We were engaged only 5 months later!

So, I have known him for 8 years now!  It just goes to show that you can even MOVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY and MARRY SOMEONE ELSE...and if you are meant to be with someone, nothing can stop it.

Ohhhh, I can't wait to marry him!

Re: Brides & Grooms: How did you and Fiance meet?
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One of my college roommate's guy friends (Keith) brought Mike with him to a party at our townhouse at the beginning of my Senior year in August.  I thought he was cute and interesting, but didn't think he was right for me.  I dated Keith for a few weeks, and we both knew that it wasn't going anywhere.  Shortly after that, Keith told my roommate that Mike liked me and the next time he came out to visit, we went out.  Our first date was December 1st, 1995.  We talked all night, and went out again the next night and did the same.  He visited me every weekend, and I knew pretty early on that I wanted to spend my life with him.  I got pregnant in March, so big decisions had to be made.  I didn't want him to marry me out of obligation, but he assured me that this was just speeding things up.  We got married in June, and had our first son in November.  We had a hard start, but we have a great relationship and three great kids.


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Re: Brides & Grooms: How did you and Fiance meet?
Posted: Nov 18, 2006 12:26 AM Go to message in response to: kelleyiskelley

   Well, I was at work and it was the Sunday before Thanksgiving in 2003. I got a phone call from my Mom and she told me that she had just met the guy I was going to marry. I was busy so didn't pay her much mind, but she insisted. She said, he's really cute, and sweet, and he doesn't have a girlfriend. My mom usually goes for the cowboy type and I like guys that are preppy, so I still wasn't completely trusting this set up. But I guess his cousin, who is a friend of our family, brought him by her house. She said, I've convinced them(my now FI, his cousin and my sister) to come to town to go out to dinner with you. I wasn't too sure about being set up but after confirming with my sister that he really was cute and my type, I agreed. I don't know why he didn't catch on, they drove 2 hours to where I live at 8:00 at night to have dinner with a stranger! Anyways, we all went to dinner and he was gorgeous and sweet and I instantly fell for him. The only problem was he was from North Dakota and I live in Missouri. So we said goodbye and I wasn't sure I would see him again. A couple weeks later, I got a call from him(he got my # from his cousin) and we started talking. At Christmas he came down to visit for a week and we fell in love, big time! About 4 days after he left I bought a plane ticket and flew to North Dakota for a week....and we both went back and forth doing the long distance thing for the last couple years. He does live in Missouri now but he's still 2 hours away, which sucks, but is better than 16 hours away! =)

   He proposed to me on Sept. 8th, 2005 in a hot air balloon, which had always been my secret childhood dream. =) It was awesome!!!

                            Ashley & Nathan

                             May 26, 2007


Re: Brides & Grooms: How did you and Fiance meet?
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It was friday night, February 18, 2005. Holly (my MOH) and I had decided to go out that night. I don't think I was really in the mood to go out, but Holly want to, and I couldn't leave her hanging. I half-heartedly did my makeup, and hair, and got dressed. Then Holly and I went out for what I thought would be a waste of a night.

When we got to the club we were going to I still wasn't in a better mood. I think I had gone from half-hearted to full out cranky. Still, I stuck around, and we danced, and drank, and I tried to have fun. Holly and I had made our way upstairs, and she started chatting up some guy. I stood next to her, trying to be invisible, still in a cranky mood. I was there to make sure she didn't go home with him. We'd made a promise that neither of us would go home with some random guy. When out of nowhere the guy standing on my right said something to me.

"You look bored." Wow, doesn't Cody have a great pick-up line? It must be good, because it woked. We talked for a long time, and I found out he'd just moved here a week ago from Manitoba, and it was his first night out. We spent the rest of the night together (I broke the promise). I felt safe with him, which is odd for me, normally I am suspicious of everyone. Later in our relationship, I found out that he had noticed me the minute I walked in. He said there was something special about me.

Even though I wasn't in the mood to be out that night, I'm glad I went. And I guess I can contribute meeting Cody to Holly, because she's the reason I went out that night.

Cody and I have been together ever since that day. (We did spend this summer apart though, just to be sure what we thought we wanted in life, is what we want. It is.)

Our wedding is being planned for November 28, 2007


Re: Brides & Grooms: How did you and Fiance meet?
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FH and I met while in highschool together, I was 15. He had just switched schools to mine 2yr earlier but since we had two different teams (teams of teachers). We met in sophomore english class...he was so cute. One day while we were supposed to be peer grading each others quizzes he turned to me and said, "I won't mark any wrong if you don't." What? That was so cute because this was like the first thing he ever said to me, and it is so funny to me now because he is so smart!! We started dating that year Feb 2000, graduated, then went to college together. He proposed our 3rd year at college during a candlelight dinner on our 5th year anniversary.  When we get married in December we will have been together almost 7 years!!


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Re: Brides & Grooms: How did you and Fiance meet?
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This is my new favorite thread!

I met Ed at the flight school we were both taking lessons at.  He was sooooo funny and seemed so outgoing (now I know deep inside hes really very shy) I got soooooo happy whenever Id see him there, though I wasnt thinking romantically... yet.  When I had finished my training, Ed wanted to get me a job, so he had me call him, or hed call me while studying and ask me questions.  And like everyone else on here... we'd talk for HOURS!


Even when he went to Hawaii, he called me every night, and brought me souveniers when he got back.  (youd think Id start getting the hint, right?)  Then we went to Six Flags together, and the whooooole time it felt like magic.  You know how they take pictures of you as soon as yo enter the park??? Well, the next day Ed told me he ordered us the pictures... Thats when I started thinking, hmmmm...I


Then we went out for dessert one night, and afterwards just hung out in his truck until 2am.  I plopped my feet in his lap because I just felt that comfortable.  We talked and played thumb wrestling (that was my sneaky way of holding his hand), he read my palm (I had just gone to a psychic who ironically saw helicopters in my future)  The next night, we watched a movie, and I had my head on a pillow in his lap, and it felt like he was trying to avoid touching me at all costs!  So, I started getting disappointed.  (little did I know he was just that shy!)  But later that night, it happened!  He kissed me on the cheek!  I tried so hard to still not get my hopes up because Ive been so wrong about this stuff in the past.  But it wasnt "just a kiss"  He really did like me, and here we are!  Last year he was afraid to ask me out, now I am wearing our engagment ring!Cool




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