What makes you love your future husband??

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RMB0414 Posts : 1,386 Registered: 8/2/06
Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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Aww Noelle - my post is silly compared to yours, you did nail on the head about with just about everything I love and feel with my FH.  I love what you put, I actually love what everyone has posted - it's all so sweet and makes me so happy. 



JenlovesDon Posts : 414 Registered: 6/20/06
Re: What makes you love your future husband??
Posted: Sep 5, 2006 5:53 PM Go to message in response to: Guest

His big blue eyes, big muscles, Harley Davidson, and he loves me unconditionally. I can say or do the stupidest things and it doesn't change his love for me.



kelleyiskelley Posts : 11,590 Registered: 7/2/06
Re: What makes you love your future husband??
Posted: Sep 5, 2006 6:39 PM Go to message in response to: JenlovesDon

Hey Jen... Guess what? I love Don too!!!

Well, not YOUR Don. My Don:) Thats my fiances name too.

What do I love about Don, or "Boo," as I call him?

I love that he packed up his great life in Florida, left his friends, family, and a great job... to move to NJ of all places and take a risk on being with me. He believed in us, and he believed it would work. When I saw that moving truck pull up to my apt bldg and he got out after driving 3 days with his car attached and his CAT with him etc, I had this overwhelming feeling of "home." He is my family, my home.

I love that he has such a genuine heart and cares about people so much. He is an EMT and he saves lives ... and I feel in lots of ways like he saved mine too.

I love when he is engrossed in playing his guitar or reading a magazine or watching the History Channel (he is obsessed), and he gets this look on his face like its the most important thing in the world. So funny.

I love how every morning as he is leaving for work at 6am, he wakes me up so I can get ready for work by gently kissing me just before he walks out the door. He always says "Bye Boo... I love you." (we both call each other BOO, I have no idea why lol.) And he just looks so cute and handsome in his EMT uniform before he leaves for work.

I love that he totally and completely supports me in everything that I do. He REALLY thinks Im talented and wants sooo much for me to be a success. He comes to all of my standup comedy shows, my sketchcomedy shows, and anything else I do performance-wise. Once I asked him what his favorite part of the show was, and he said "the best part is after the show is over, when everyone is complimenting you and telling you how funny you were,etc. I just love watching you succeed." That brought tears to my eyes when he said it.

I love that we sit in bed together and laugh about the dumbest, most immature things. I love how we have our own special language and way of talking to each other, and I love our group of friends and how adaptable he has become to our life together here.

I love that 14 yrs ago, Don went out to his car in Florida and found a cat inside who GAVE BIRTH IN HIS CAR! She had a litter of kittens. He took them in, took care of them, fed them with baby bottles, and cleaned them all up. Two of them died a few days later, and the mother died too. The only survivor was Isabelle... and Don kept her and became her dad and when he moved here, she came too. Now she is our beloved cat and I LOVE watching how much he just loves that cat.

I love how he will walk up the street to the store just to get me a "prize." (some sort of chocolate when I get cravings.) He will come in announcing "Boo... I got prizes!" and then things like RingDings and Candy bars will be in the fridge. lol.

I love the feeling of knowing that any problem I face, I can come home and share it with him. Living with him and having him in my life has made my life so much better, richer, and more full.

Kelley Lynn:)

Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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I love him because he is smart. He is so smart and makes me feel like I know nothing (is that really a good thing???). He watches the science channel and he loves to learn new things. He has goals. He knows what he wants out of life. He's going to school. He works everyday and no matter how much he hates both of them he never gives up. He just keeps on going. I love him because he is kind and sweet and such a gentleman. He still opens the car door for me every time we go somewhere. He never has to think about it. He just does it. He leaves me these funny voice mail messages and he sings songs that he makes up. I love him because he's generous. Now I am not trying to sound spoiled here, but he would buy me anything that I want. A lot of times I don't let him but just knowing that he would if I wanted him to or if I needed something really makes me happy. I love him because he makes me happy. He makes me dinner and even though it always comes out good, he always apologizes in advance just in case it didn't. He goes to Sears at least once or more a week to take me to lunch, not because he's bored or hungry but because he wants to spend time with me. And yes I love him because he's comfortable...and secure... I know that I can enjoy a mostly worry free life with him, I know that we won't have to worry about money problems. We will be able to afford the home that we want and provide the life for ourselves and our children that we want. I love that I can fall asleep in his arms and feel safe and know that there is nowhere else I would rather be. I love that I can trust him. That he can tell me something and I never have to wonder about whether he's telling the truth or not. I love him because I never get bored. You know most of the time we do the same thing, but for some reason, it never gets boring. I'm just fine with doing whatever as long as we are spending time together. I just love so many things about him.


I'm not officially engaged yet, but I registered just to write this post!! Crazy??? I know!


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Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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hhmmm..I love him because he has stuck by my side through so much. When we are asked for better or worse, through sickness and health and richer or poorer I know in my heart that that truely is what it is. When FH and I first started dating I was going through something very personal and mentally dibilitating. For a year and a half he stood by myside while I was affected by this huge evil thing that was taking over my life. He was there to wipe away every tear. He has taken care of me while I was sick in the hospital. When I couldn't make it up the stair he would carry me.  He even painted our bedroom yellow for me because I had told him once how when we got our own house I wanted our room painted that color because it reminded me of a bright sunny day and makes me happy. When I came home from a day of medical tests in the hospital (he arranged for my aunt to take me for the day instead of him) our bedroom had a fresh paint of yellow on the walls for me to look at as I rested. As far as money goes..I am a pre med student and he is putting his schooling aside until  we could afford for both of us to pay loans. All of the other things fall in between and mean so much to me.

There are so many other things I could say that I love about him, but the main thing that I love is that he is who he is, I am who I am and we are who we want to be together! Laughing

Us girls could get sooo o mushy at times ..haha!



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