problem planing

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problem planing
Posted: Jan 25, 2005 11:12 PM

This is a problem I just ran into tonight. Me and my fh won a honeymoon. It only covers the hotel not the airfare. We choose Hawii but to fly out there we are looking at atleast 1500 dollars to fly. That is not my problem, we are getting married on june 25th, which is close to a holiday. We always take a family vaction every year with our children (and my sisters family and my mom, we are avery close family). We are going to flordia thisyear and the only time we can take them is the week of the fourth. My fh husband works for Nissan and they shut down that week. To be honest a honeymoon means nothing to me (I have children already, I have been honeymooning already Big Grin) it would just mean a get away from the kids. I am all for that b/c I am around them all the time. But I feel that is just way to much on me in alittle amount of time. My fh is soo looking forward to th hm but I don't want my children to miss out on their vaction just b/c we want to get away. I thaught that he could take his vaction around September and than we could go. My mom has already said that she would come stay at my house and take care of my kids. Any suggestions to try to make my fh see my point? Sorry if this seems to ramble on I am bad about that. Thanks.


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