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Posted: Jun 16, 2005 7:59 PM

This sounds like a totally rotten and ungrateful thing to bring up but I would just like some views on it. My bridal shower is in two days. I thought the whole point of the shower was to "shower" the bride in gifts. I'm having no games because my FH family didn't want them so basically its just a social type thing. I've been informed from both families that just about everybody that's coming is putting money in a card. I registered at a really convenient and inexpensive place to accomodate everyone and only 3 things have been taken off the registry. If we're not playing games , people at least want to see me open presents right? But there are only going to be like, 5! What fun is it watching cards being opened? I know it sounds petty but I'm just really freked my shower's going to suck. Is wrong to be upset that everyone ignored my registry and sent cards?


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