purchuse or homemade?

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purchuse or homemade?
Posted: Feb 23, 2005 4:14 PM

I have always thought I'd have my mom make my dress but now taht I am looking to get engaged this summer married late spring early summer next year it is begining to seem that I'll have less than a year once I know its full go for wedding next year. I'm not sure about that kind of time limit I had always planned on a 2 year engagement but my life just doesn't make since to get married in 2007(graduating from college, turning 30 starting carreer..add a wedding and I'd never survive) so we decieded to go with summer 2006 which is just over a year away and he's not proposing until July 4th?? just from things I have gotten out of him /over heard that is my current guess of when he's finally going to pop the question...and since we have been planning this wedding together for months it kind of sucks I can't make any final decisions and such.

Ok I kind of went of topic there...sorry.
Anyway do you think I'd be better off just going with something bought or should I stick with my forever dream of a dress lovingly made by my mom(she made her's)


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