" Free" flight tickets from After Hours Formalwear WARNING

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" Free" flight tickets from After Hours Formalwear WARNING
Posted: Feb 10, 2005 7:42 AM

I had seen posted on another board about Afterhours formal wear giving away "free" flight tickets to destinations all over the world. The old adage of if it seems to good to be true it is applies here. This is just our perspective, perhaps there are others that have had a more postive experience, but here goes:

We went into the store in our mall and were greeted by two 15 year olds that could barely be bothered to get up and move away from someone that was obviously their girlfriends and sitting in the store. We were called by them in advance since I registered and paid online, to confirm our appointment. Needless to say, they could not find my appointment once I got to the store with FH. They gave us a rather thick book with pictures and said pick out what you like. Problem? My FH liked two styles and wasn't sure which better was his style. Could he see them both? No, we have to order them. Could he try them on? Sure for twenty dollars, and he was ONLY allowed to try on ONE tuxedo per visit. So if he liked 5 different styles, five different visits. Of course, since we were there already, no we could not try on a tuxedo. WE'd have to register and then come back. What of our online registration? Too bad, since they couldn't find it, we'd have to repay the money and reregister at the store. Flight tickets? Sure they were free but you had to stay at the destinations they selected for you and if you didn't know them, you could wind up in some little hut on the ocean. Needless to say, FH grabbed me and we left quickly. It's worth noting though that AfterHours is part of David's Bridal now as of 2004 and any issues that you get with David's you will surely get with them as well. We went somewhere else and were told it is NEVER appropriate to make ANYONE pay for a try on, nor make them have to take several trips. It is never appropriate to make them pay a registration fee and anyone that does should know they have just been taken for a ride. It only costs 150 to rent a tux. After you get done with a 35 dollar registration and two trips, you've paid for 3/4 of the rental. Just wanted to let you know....


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