Bridal Shower Games

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Bridal Shower Games
Posted: Jan 17, 2005 4:37 PM

Hello! I was wondering if any of you had any good games to be played at the bridal shower. Here are two that i LOVE!

1. The mother of the bride walks around the room with a silver platter with 6-10 items on it (ie. a spoon, a ring, a candle...just random things). Then have her leave the room. The guests are then instructed to write down everything they remember about the brides mother...(ie. clothes, jewlery, hair etc) Since everyone will be looking at the platter they wont be focused on the brides mother. Who ever has the most correct wins. If their is a tie you can either give them both prizes or choose which is more detailed.

2. In small bowls or plates put a little of a spice in it. (A different spice per bowl/plate) Pass this around to your guests. They are allowed to touch, smell and see these spices. NO TASTING! Then they must write down what they think each are. Make sure you make a key and number the spices.

Got any fun and interesting games to play? Please Share!!!


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