An afternoon luncheon/cocktail with an after party like 3 hours later?

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An afternoon luncheon/cocktail with an after party like 3 hours later?
Posted: Jan 10, 2005 9:56 PM

I am just begining to plan, and before I get too far I want opinions on my idea. I am a vegetarian, and have been for about 13 years. My FH is not, but never misses his meat when I cook, in fact he kept tofu in his fridge alongside his meat when he lived alone. Because I am so bored with roasted vegetables as the vegetarian option and am not at all personally excited by major meat entrees I was thinking about having a cocktail/luncheon reception potentially catered by a friend's buisness (a european style market/restaurant/bakery/caterer).... I have plenty of ideas for the menu, both vegetarian friendly and more traditional, but what I am worried about is dancing.
My ladies and I are avid dancers and I have no doubts that we will dance at my reception, but have heard that afternoon receptions generally lack in that area.... I was thinking about having a second party that night, maybe even at a club for the dancing etc. For this I was thinking about having beer, some mixed drinks and pizza (loads of pizza-my FH and I are notorious for our love of pizza).
(this is becoming quite the rant-sorry!)...
So my question is; is it strange to have this hiatus in between parties? It would be 2-4 hours in between.
I really want the elegant look of a european marché and think that a luncheon would be fab. (I have seen some great magazine coverage of these style of weddings)
I am not keen on sit-down dinners.... so my second idea is to just have a light meal like the cocktail-luncheony idea then pizza later on in the same evening party????


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