Has your sex life changed since getting engaged?

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Re: Has your sex life changed since getting engaged?
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Well, me & FH have been dating about 5.5 years. Sorry, but we weren't waiting that long! Our sex life has been great since we got engaged & was great before that also.

Since we have had sex, I do not think our marriage will be hard to work at. We communicate very well and are very honest with eachother. We are much more mature than a lot of other couples and have realistic expectations about marriage. We have gone through 2 marriage prep classes & scored very high on our inventories with both of our churches. Actually, we have scored a lot higher than average couples on our compatiability. We know what works for us.

People that have not had sex might be disappointed & not really know what to truely expect from their partner.

I agree with Peggy, people need to experience sex with their partner before they begin to judge others & throw stones. Peggy seems very mature and I think she & Josh will have a wonderful & successful marriage together.

As far as waiting until the wedding night...what's the point? You've already done the deed. It's going to be the same. We're not waiting & will continue to have sex as often as we wish. I think it will be special on our wedding night & honeymoon because we will have a life-long commitment to eachother and FINALLY be husband and wife!


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