Advice on Rehearsal Dinner

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mge43 Posts : 1 Registered: 1/2/14
Advice on Rehearsal Dinner
Posted: Jan 2, 2014 9:55 AM

Need some advice on scheduling a rehearsal dinner, I know it's tradition to schedule it the night before the wedding, which also makes it convenient for people coming from out of town, but I wouldn't like to have it the night before, incase anything else comes up to do with the wedding that would need to be sorted out.
I've read some articles online that give advice on this (this one was informative: but it would be good to hear some personal advice from other people too. Did anyone move their rehearsal dinner away from the night before the wedding? I'd appreciate any responses, thanks


Syringa Posts : 115 Registered: 1/18/12
Re: Advice on Rehearsal Dinner
Posted: Jan 6, 2014 1:39 PM Go to message in response to: mge43

It is not uncommon to have the rehearsal dinner a day or two before the wedding, or to have a rehearsal breakfast or lunch rather than a dinner. Typically the dinner follows the rehearsal. If you schedule that for the day before the wedding, you may want to have the dinner then also.

It isn't necessary to have the rehearsal in the evening unless your venue requires it. In my area, we often have a morning rehearsal followed by a lunch or a picnic.

If you schedule the rehearsal and the dinner for two days before the wedding, that will allow you to address anything you discover at the rehearsal that may need to be handled the next day. Just be certain that most of the wedding party will be in town on the date of the rehearsal. Do what works best for your schedule.


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