Inspiration for the wedding movie

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Inspiration for the wedding movie
Posted: Sep 5, 2013 5:37 AM

Whether outdoor wedding or hotel wedding, wedding site layout will need to spend a lot of thought. Determine the location and style of the wedding, it is necessary to build up slowly carefully. So how to decorate it? What are the elements of embellishment, look at the following beautiful wedding pictures.

Hollywood,forever fabulous at building up false expectations in life. If there's one thing Hollywood does do well though, it's an absolute disaster of a wedding, something we've found quite handy if we're feeling a little apathetic towards love.

Weddings Should Probably Never Have A ThemeWhatever you think is cute and kooky at the time has a sell-by date, not something you want from the most photographed day of your life. Gone With The Wind anyone?

Don't Try It On With The Groom
The wedding day is not last chance saloon to stake a claim - that window closed weeks ago. So sit down and shut up.

If You Absolutely Must Stop A Wedding, Make A Grand Entrance And be completely aware of the fact that if you fail, total and utter humiliation is at stake.

Make Sure Everyone's Calm, Cool And Collected
The only two with any right to be nervy on the big day are you and your husband-to-be. A stuttering Rowan Atkinson-esque priest means your wedding will forever be remembered as 'The One Where The Priest Buggered It All Up' rather than 'The One Where The Bride Wore The Most Fabulous Wedding Dress 2013 Imaginable'.


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Re: Inspiration for the wedding movie
Posted: Sep 13, 2013 8:45 AM Go to message in response to: oritkalev

When your wedding day comes, it will be so overwhelming that your memory of the day may be a bit unfocused. The beautiful flowers you chose, the gorgeous dress (that you agonized over), the venue and table settings, all your friends dancing, even your hairstyle is a moment that you created and wish to cherish. Unfortunately it is just one day and it goes by so fast. This is why the photographer will be the one hire you make that is so important, not only will they be with you a good deal of time on this most important day but they are the ones who shall capture all those details that you have been thinking about for the past six months or more.

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