Horrible weight loss competition aimed at brides-to-be

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Horrible weight loss competition aimed at brides-to-be
Posted: May 1, 2013 11:08 AM

I just thought I would share this offensive weight loss competition that I came across:

I was already well into planning my wedding day when me and my wonderful husband-to-be suddenly found out that I am pregnant. We were so happy about the news but it added an extra level of worry about the big day for me. I am due before my wedding day (next year) but I wanted to look my very best so I have to try and shift my baby weight really quickly (not to mention planning a wedding is hard enough by itself).

My husband says I shouldn't worry about it because I am always beautiful to him, but he is also fully on board if I want to book plenty of sessions with a personal trainer :) I know a lot of brides-to-be worry enough about their weight so when I came across that horrible post on the Daily Sport I was pretty shocked.

My soon to be sister-in-law, who is also getting married very soon, sent me the link and we were both so shocked and offended that they were poking fun at larger women. It's tough enough preparing for your wedding day without this kind of thing.

We decided to send a letter of complaint and was hoping we could get some other people on board to try and put a stop to it. It really hit a nerve with us and we want to let this company know that it's not ok to laugh at stressed out brides.


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