Shower Themes for Bridal

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MelindaChen Posts : 3 Registered: 2/20/13
Shower Themes for Bridal
Posted: Feb 22, 2013 3:12 AM

A Hobby Shower
For the couple who already has all the essentials, this is a great choce! It also solves the problem of what to give the second-time bride or the lady who is being honored with several showers.

This one lends itself nicely to the co-ed celebration, especially if the couple shares a hobby. Play the sleuth and find out what both like to do in their spare time. Compile a list of their leisure time activities,which will be the basis of your party. Be sure to include the list with each invitation, carefully delineating who likes to do what. Maybe they both enjoy gardening, hiking, skiing, golfing, tennis, or bike riding. She may also like to sew, knit, or paint where he is the bom fisherman. Knowing what they enjoy will supply you with endless decorating ideas. You can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Encourage your guests to bring small accessories and if the selections are funny, so much the better!

An Entertaining Shower
As its title says, this one is geared toward the bride who has already collected the basics and is now looking forward to entertaining in her new home.Definitely designed for couples, the entertaining shower is perfect for a Sunday brunch, an exciting cocktail party, or an elegant dinner affair. They all create the ideal setting to shower the new couple with those special gifts guaranteed to make entertaining a breeze.Itís not necessary to have a particular decorating theme since the party itself is the theme ó entertaining and doing it in style is the feeling of this one.A group of friends may want to join forces and purchase a card table and folding chairs, punch bowl set, or elegant chafing dish to get the couple off to a good start.

A Gourmet Shower
Hereís another one for the bride or couple who seems to have every-thing! Gourmet delights are everywhere, so there is no end to the number of delicious treats you can come up with for this party! Combine this idea with the basket theme by having each guest bring his food gift in a basket, decorative tin, bowl, or imaginative container.

Consider really spoiling your guests and yourself by making it a
decadent dessert party! Use your best linens, china, and silver.Continue pampering everyone by presenting them with chocolate swans or truffles packed in tiny gold boxes to take home.


Caleb_Dumolo Posts : 8 Registered: 3/5/13
Re: Shower Themes for Bridal
Posted: Mar 12, 2013 2:14 AM Go to message in response to: MelindaChen

As of these days, there are about dozens of wedding themes to select from. There are traditional themes, modern themes, culture based themes, and so on. When I had my wedding, I always knew itís going to be Asian inspired. My best reason was because I was born Asian and my husband has Chinese ancestry too. We had no doubt choosing it because weíre both proud as Asians. Now, make sure that you and your partner are in harmony of the reasons and purpose of selecting your wedding theme.


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