The tips when you decide to buy a wedding dress online

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The tips when you decide to buy a wedding dress online
Posted: Feb 17, 2013 1:59 AM

Although i am a new member of this 'bride',but i had got that there were so many people had a unhappy shopping experience when buying a wedding dress ONLINE!.
When you open the box you had expected so loooooong time,you find a poor construction.OH,you just can laughed when it came..
As this situation,I will give some IMPORTANT tips for brides without verbosity.GIRLS,you may need not follow that as a bible,but for your upcoming wedding,time will be worth!
Which factor had urged you to pay for that wedding dress?The simple design?The proper color?Or the hype of the site operator?No!It's picture!
For wedding dress online shopping,product pictures decide one first impression of dress for people.Brides only can guess if this dress fit themselves.The size,color,appearance,all get from the pictures sellers had offered!
So you need distinguish the authenticity of those pictures.
If the pictures are consistent between different products?I mean,the photoes environment,Background and light.Many sellers copy other design website's pictures as their own,so the pictures will not harmonize. But the more you need know,there are some wedding dresses shops have a cooperation of their manufacturer,their pictures may really have differences.That time,you can distinguish from the watermark.
Are there so much PS effect?
If you are a PS fever,you will know PS can make Madonna younger ten years.

(keeping updating,please constant attention)

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