How to take wedding pics for precious memories

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BRANDYFL Posts : 8 Registered: 1/22/13
How to take wedding pics for precious memories
Posted: Feb 1, 2013 12:32 AM

As it is known to us all,the first look photo for the brides and groom is the main concern.Generally,I will suggest guys to take pics showing from top half.I personally think it will be better for expressing deep emotions.There is no need for them to struck a pose.I simply tell them look at each other for example,or turn around,a true action is more effective.Though it may be the best one,it honestly show your own personality.Comparing with professional models obviously is not wise.Speaking of pose,imagine the way that you feel comfortable will be the most proper one.At most 2 or 3 hours for taking photos will be fine,any longer will not seem good.Technique is extremely important,it plays a big role.For instance,you will get a wonderful pic,if you can strike up a theme which naturally keep the new couplesís mind in happy memory,and quicken your camera speed.How to handle with the photograph environment is worthy of note as well.

Another thing we can not forget is about the detailed photos.In some extent,taking a pic is adding relevant elements together.When you are working,meanwhile,you should pay attention to what is happening.Any details cannot be missed.The brideís bodice of the wedding dress,from a perspective position.Sometimes,on the purpose of stylizing the dress that you are shooting,you have to use some special ways to make it look nice and special.Any material in the room may can help you,the satin belts,jewelry,groomís gifts,shoes,etc.The final point is to find the right view about the brides'wedding accessories.You can certainly take pic in the back.


miriamlee Posts : 18 Registered: 2/10/13
Re: How to take wedding pics for precious memories
Posted: Feb 26, 2013 12:11 AM Go to message in response to: BRANDYFL


You should take into consideration about your photographer. You should tell the photographer what are your flaws and what result do you want to be in the photos. I think the photographers are expert on the angles and they do have an eye for beauty. There should be a communication between the client and the photographer.

On my behalf, I always remind the photographer what I want to happen during the photoshoot. I mostly suggest on the theme I want to do.


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