The meaning of some little things on the wedding

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The meaning of some little things on the wedding
Posted: Jan 17, 2013 9:43 PM

Now, you have known the reasons behind some wedding traditions like the white wedding dress, the wedding accessories, the bridesmaid dresses, the ring and so on.Then what is about the rice? To plant them temporarily and then wish them good luck, well, not exactly, rice unifies fertility, now it is often replaced by rose petals. The cake represents fertility too, and cutting a cake means the couple will share a good fortune with others, if the bride eats first, she will soon become pregnant. The bouquet toss may have the most meaning of all, which believes the one who get it has more ability of self-defense, in ancient time, getting all what the bride wear or carry was considered a good luck. Luckily, weddings turn to be calmer these days even with the loud music. Our weddings are more about old friends and good food with a great big party of romance, whatever traditions we follow, making a union means to last. You will get more devoted to each other and lead a happy life forever.


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