Just got engaged....dress first?

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Just got engaged....dress first?
Posted: Dec 6, 2012 1:30 PM

It seems as if the first thing a newly engaged woman wants to do is try on wedding gowns. A day to remember always, seeing yourself as a bride for the first time. But beware that once you walk in the door of that bridal shop, there will be an anxious, commission paid salesperson who's job it is to sell you a gown today.

That wouldn't be such a bad thing if it were easy to return the gown if the engagement is called off. It isn't. They will "jack you up" with veils and a bouquet, let you know that you will have to order early in order to get it in time, give you a delivery date that is months out. But once you put the deposit, BAM....seems that dress just magically appears.

Then they need you to get it out of the shop. No room to store it, you must pick it up NOW!!! That gown, that was going to take so long to come in is now hanging in your closet collecting dust and your wedding date is a year away. Getting your money back is impossible, and some only offer exchanges up to 90 days after you take it home.

No one wants to think that their wedding day may not happen but many women do find themselves in this situation. My advice is wait a while before trying on a gown, and if you do go in, walk out without a purchase. The closer you get to your actual wedding date, the more likely you will be getting married. Don't make this one of the first things you do wearing that new diamond ring. Reselling a never-been-worn wedding dress is never a good plan, keep it simple and wait as long as possible before committing your money.


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