I proposed to him!!

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kynda Posts : 2 Registered: 12/21/10
I proposed to him!!
Posted: May 13, 2012 10:54 PM

I got back to sisters and Andy's house after work Easter Sunday, we had a puppy Easter egg hunt. I also hid 6 eggs in his room, and waited for him to find them. He found one. Lol. I told him there were 6, so he went to look for more while I went out side with the doggies and set up the music. He came out side and sat with me, opening them up. When he got to the pink egg, I started the song Marry You by Bruno Mars. The ring was inside the egg with a ribbon tied around it, with the words Will You Marry Me? written on it. He kinda looked at me, smiling with a curious look on his face, while I was mouthing along with the words to the song. He said " Of course I'll marry you, though I'm a little upset you beat me to it." He he he. Then we kissed and finished listening to the song. Go Easter.



PinkyB Posts : 30 Registered: 3/10/12
Re: I proposed to him!!
Posted: May 21, 2012 5:48 AM Go to message in response to: kynda

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Re: I proposed to him!!
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NiamhMaire Posts : 92 Registered: 6/7/12
Re: I proposed to him!!
Posted: Jul 16, 2012 10:36 AM Go to message in response to: kynda

I love this. Congratulations. It's so refreshing to see the women take the reigns. It is still considered a strange for a girl to purpose, but this was truly lovely and very sweet. You Go Girl!!

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lovinglife1978 Posts : 2 Registered: 12/6/11
Re: I proposed to him!!
Posted: Jul 27, 2012 7:10 PM Go to message in response to: kynda

That is so sweet. You go girl.


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