Advice for a new Bridal Brand.

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helen_sierra Posts : 2 Registered: 3/25/12
Advice for a new Bridal Brand.
Posted: Mar 25, 2012 1:46 PM

Hello all. Last week, a friend of mine told me to check an ad for a wedding dress that was in ebay.
It was a really beautiful dress. Actually that lady had 3-4 pics that helped me to see views from the dress. I was curious enough and because i don't live far away from NY, i visited the store that carries the brand. It seemed to me very interesting choice to decide but i still have my concerns, because the brand is totaly new! Can anybody help me? The company 's name in Nantina Bride. They have also a website,

Please if anyone had any experience with, would be really helpful.Thank you!

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helen_sierra Posts : 2 Registered: 3/25/12
Re: Advice for a new Bridal Brand.
Posted: Apr 7, 2012 4:07 PM Go to message in response to: helen_sierra

Hello again. I am writting my experiece with NANTINA just in case i will help anyone who plans to visit. The general idea is that the dresses are in a high quality. I tried some of them and all - even that some were not in my size- of them were gorgeous!!! They have European culture and as the lady told me they can customize also any of them to my needs.

Pricewise it was ok for my budjet. The dresses i tried costed 1.900$ - 2.500$

Especially with one i am in LOVE.

But i have to mention some negative comments. Even if the store is located in a traditional bridal building - as the lady said- the showroom has not plenty of room. You need patient to try your dress and i would say that the collection loses its glamour in this place. But i propose it with no doubts. It's a like a small tresure to find something tottally new in NY!!! The website that they have is

I hope to help somebody


PinkyB Posts : 30 Registered: 3/10/12
Re: Advice for a new Bridal Brand.
Posted: Apr 23, 2012 9:35 AM Go to message in response to: helen_sierra

Dear Helen,

Instead of going to e bay why dont you go with I have the personal experience with them.. Their wedding collection is so elegant and classy that too with lots of discount. Its pocket friendly too.. Hope these links helps U

They will also provide you with Wedding tiaras&headpieces, wedding veils, wedding gloves:, wedding petticoat, wedding jewelry sets.

Hope this helps U. Just go thru it u will never found such a pocket friendly wedding collection

Any order placing issue, pls contact
If any aftersale issue, pls contact


maria328 Posts : 48 Registered: 3/9/12
Re: Advice for a new Bridal Brand.
Posted: Apr 26, 2012 2:35 AM Go to message in response to: helen_sierra

I think you can trust it ,but i still want to recommend a site to you ,you can try these sites,i think it is well.

This is my number one website for brides because Artwedding got the most venerable bridal gowns with only a fraction of the price compared to others. Are they custom-made? Yes and you never compromise on quality just because you paid way less. You can have a $100 wedding gown that will steal hearts plus they got all the details from reception, invitation, and much more. Most of all, customer service is at its best here.

Why Your wedding day does not mean the end of your life, it is the beginning, and beginnings must be a celebration with a happy life ahead not a happy life with a whopping credit card bill monthly.

#2 is my top two choice because of the long history that this website has contributed to brides. It may have a high price but the gowns are beautifully crafted by the resident designers. Quality wise I must say that their pieces does not all pass my taste but most of them did. Recently, they have qualms from customers about customer service gone down.

#3 has it all from dresses, wedding venues, articles and everything you will need for the wedding. Just prepare a large amount so everything will go smooth as predicted.

#4 offers wedding dresses of great designs everyone will love. Their cuts maybe luxurious and heartwarming but be ready to pay in cold cash for that. Anyhow, this site has great taste on bridal ensembles that are tokens of memoire.

The wedding channel has their own unique marketing strategy that can be quite effective. They have the bridal ideas from the tiniest to the big chunk of details that can even be a business plan, but if you are a bride who is focused only on your big day, this may give you a bit of confusion.

Of course, primarily, they have the magazine. They have a lot of choices and tips on how your wedding must be done from the dresses, the reception, the cake and the stress. This one is complete, only that it may get erroneous sometimes because of referrals that will be all fussy and baffling.

The impression wedding gowns and accessories website is like the Jasmine above. They have a variety of wedding gowns of whatever type you want from luxurious to informal. The thing is cost-efficiency. They got it but isnít it nice to have high quality with lower price? is a website that will give you useful ideas in having a wedding worth remembering. The articles and the testimonials of brides on the day of tying the knot are presented here. I am recommending you to read it if you are planning to be wed in the next 6 months or so. This website will help you a lot.

#9. is a website that gives the bride and her groom wedding venues idea where they can think about thoroughly how and where they are going to hold the occasion that will well remembered

This is my last but not my least because even if they do not sell dresses they got articles and tips that will give you a blast. I love the DIY part and real weddings that are so different from others, offbeat that is.

That's just my opinion,i hope it can help you,good luck for you.


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