what do you ladies think??

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what do you ladies think??
Posted: Feb 5, 2005 12:00 AM

Okay I don't know if anyone read about my one bm that seemed to keep avoiding me, if you have not here is a little summary. I was going to have 4 regular bm 1 moh and 1jbm. Everytime that we went dress looking she never showed never called ANYTHING! So I had decided forget she did not need to be in it. She came by my house last Saturday and I was on my way to the store w/ my 2 bm that are out of town. The one told me she would meeet me there and she NEVER showed up, we were there for atleast 4 hours. Anyways I have untill this Saturday to place my order to make sure we get the dresses back in time and still no word from her. So now this is the real problem 2 of my bm are small and 2 are plus. I wanted my moh different from everyone else to show that she is important. We have been shopping for dresses I know for the last month, and there have been some very stressful times. My colors started out as navy and yellow, my bm did not like the navy b/c it was so dark and talked me into indigo. I liked indigo alot also. Davids Bridal had my color but did not have the sizes for my plus size girls so we had to drive way out of our way to Bridal Warhouse. The problem there is they really do not carry indigo in anything and you have to order your dress within 12 weeks( so my color is now back to navy). So this Saturday is the last day to oreder them. My two small girls came last Saturday and ordered theirs, their dress is the same and I was going to have my plus size girls the same. WEll my one bm has not called me came by or anything. I am taking my one plus size girl this Saturday to order her dress. So after all that my question is will it look real bad if my plus size girl is different my two small girls are the same my jbm is differnet and my moh is differnet? Should I have my plus size girl like my moh (who is also a plus size). My one plus size is not going to look good in my smaller girls size. What would some of you do? I think I might be at the point to where I don't care if you wear a thong and a bra as long as it is navy blue ( no can't do that , that will take the focus off the bride Wink). Atleast I have not lost all of my sense of humor over this. Ideas please, Thanks and sorry so long.


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