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Posted: Jun 12, 2011 12:15 PM

We're planning on having anywhere from 75-100 guest at our wedding, being as close to 75 as possible--guest list hasn't been determined waiting one parents "wish list"--anyways we are thinking about cupcakes instead of a cake cake! It's much easier and less expensive. I found this webbsite: where you can "create" your own cup cakes as for as the cake, icing, topings, and sutffing. We were really wanting to do this to "custimize" or cupcakes like you would a cake. However it's a minimum of 300 cupcakes, either $270 or $300 depending on if you get them with or without the stuffing.

Question is do I really need 300 cupcakes too many for 75-100 people? We will have kids involved in our wedding and as part of the guest too

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Re: Cupcakes?
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Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding. Welcome to If you decide to serve cupcakes as your wedding cake because it will be less expensive, then it should not matter if the minimum order is 300 and you only have 150 guests. As long as the 300 cupcakes costs less than a traditional wedding cake, you've achieved your goal of saving money.

There are several questions you have to answer about serving cupcakes. First, will you have them on a desert table? If so, you might need to put out 200 of them. With table service where each guest is given a serving you will only need one for each guest. You will also have to check with the hall to determine if and how they will charge you for serving the cupcakes. Some reception halls have a cutting and plating charge for cakes. It is best to be able to budget any desert fees in advance.

Finally, if you do have extra cupcakes, what are you going to do with them after the wedding. If you want to be able to eat them, I'm sure they can be frozen, but you've got to have the space for that. Otherwise, I'd recommend donating the surplus to either a food pantry or a day care center serving the underprivileged. Your accountant can advise you on the deductibility of your donation.

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Re: Cupcakes?
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Not sure where your wedding will be but if it is in Nothern California, may I suggest Icing on the Cupcake:

They have the best cupcakes and I am planning on using them for my wedding next year.

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Re: Cupcakes?
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I have no advice about quantities -- except the more varieties you have, the more inclined people will be to have more than one. But I do think cupcakes is a terrific idea! I wish the next wedding I go to has them!


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Re: Cupcakes?
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As a photographer, I've always noticed that cake/cupcakes often gets nibbled at or not eaten at all, especially if dinner is a few courses because everyone gets stuffed pretty quickly which leaves the bride and groom with a lot of to cake home or donate. Sometimes guest will pick up a slice or two on the way home

300 cupcakes might be overkill. Instead, aim for 150-175, it's just enough cupcakes for a really cute display on your dessert table and gives the spatial impression of seeming really full. Keep in mind, smaller children can share with mom and dad or older siblings and adults will usually be more interested in the bar, dancing, or catching up with friends.

Hope that helps!

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Re: Cupcakes?
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