Gateway Bride??? Didn't know where this should go.

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Melsmith21 Posts : 1 Registered: 2/19/08
Re: Gateway Bride??? Didn't know where this should go.
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Gateway Bride is a reputable company from my experience. In reply to your post and some of the other posts I've seen on this subject - - When the people do call - they don't use the word "won" - or they aren't supposed to. Bottom Line - it's a presentation on their cookware. For coming in and staying the 90 minutes - you get your choice of either trip explained over the phone, and the other incentives you were told about. You have the option to purchase, but if you don't - you still walk out of there with your "package" in your hands. As for the "essay" that someone mentioned before - there is no essay...... you fill out a quick survey at the beginning, but it's only simple questions - like when is your wedding date? blah, blah. 

I wish people would listen when they call..... they were VERY good at explaining everything to me, and I was able to ask for the manager of that department when I had additional questions.

 My experience was a GREAT one.

Re: Gateway Bride... total scam!
Posted: Mar 18, 2008 12:56 PM Go to message in response to: Guest

OH MY GOD!!! I'm so glad that I research EVERYTHING!!! I just got the call yesterday about our "vacation bridal package." I was going to call back to find out more about it and how they got our names, but the department I needed doesn't come in until 1:00pm apparently. So I got online to research the company. And of course, all these posts are on here about how Gateway Brides is a scam! Then I went to the link posted by Becksabamf and discovered tons more complaints dating by to 1999! Apparently once these people rope you in, they've got you good! So many couples just starting out with their lives together strapped with a $1200-$2500 bill to pay....and for merchandise that doesn't live up to its claims! How sad! I'm really glad I saw all of these. Thanks to everyone who posted stuff about this. Royal Prestige/21st Century Concepts/Gateway Bridal...they are predators out for the kill! And it seems they won't be stopped by any legal means. You can't cancel, you can't sue! And they're still loose and on the prowl...even after all the complaints! Go read the reports for yourself!


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SarahandGaryFor... Posts : 1 Registered: 3/13/08
Re: Gateway Bride??? Didn't know where this should go.
Posted: Apr 3, 2008 5:13 PM Go to message in response to: Guest

I just got the phone call 20 minutes ago and did research. no way am I going to this seminar. If I would have really won a package to the bahamas, they would've came to my door with a newscrew or something. sounds to good to be true. I'm not going to put my finance` through that. we're strapped for cash as it is. bastards.
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chellemav7 Posts : 1 Registered: 6/24/08
Re: Gateway Bride??? Didn't know where this should go.
Posted: Jul 22, 2008 11:58 AM Go to message in response to: Guest

The thing is pretty legit. My future to be and I went last night and it was a very helpful seminar about cookware. I went in with the intention of not buying anything and guess what, we didn't. Although the cookware is great and more money compared to other walmart crap, it is worth it in the long run. I would have bought it if it wasn't for all the wedding plans and whatnot. There is a very SMALL survey that really if ya know your name...your doing just fine. It lasted an hour and 45 minutes, he cooked us food from the cookware, which was delicious. He was NOT pushy at all, very funny and made it go by really fast. I learned a lot about which is best for our health and I would say even though if you don't buy right away, there is no 40% discount to be had later on for attending the seminar. I would still rather pay for this cookware in full because it is worth it. Just remember, YOU have the decision to buy or not...not the other way around. People on here that have complained either A: have never been to the seminar or B: cannot manage their money. These people have been selling for years, they are good. they don't care if you have money or not but I know that they want your business. Just be careful. Once we go on our lil trip, I will write again. It will be in October or so. BYE!!!!!


Nalamienea Posts : 2,924 Registered: 6/13/08
Re: Gateway Bride??? Didn't know where this should go.
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i'd be most interested to see how the "free" trip goes.  If there are any hidden fees and what not.  

as far as research, I think it's easy for competitors and things  to post horrible stories on a board, but I would call the Better Business Bureau to be certain of their standing as a business.  They are the ones who really monitor these things.

Hope it all works out for you guys! 

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gramirez Posts : 1 Registered: 7/13/09
Gateway Bride is a SCAM
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Just like everyone else I got the call about a free trip. Luckily, I was unable to reach the recommended representatives so to satisfy my suspicion (mostly because I never win anything I did not understand why today would be any different) I looked online to get info while I waited for the call back. Looking online on gateway bride I saw pics of cutlery, pots, etc... I thought to myself what does this junk have to do with my destination honeymoon. There weren't any prices on the website. The last time I saw a site like this it turned out to be a pyramid scheme. Like everything else, before I put money on anything or do anything I research it diligently. Thanks to and this forum I found further infor to research. Basically, I found only ONE positive response followed by 50 negative horror stories. Came to the conclusion that I do not want this "dream vacation" based on ONE reply by someone who is probably a representative of theirs anyways. I called my rep back told her to take me off the list she replied "Oh you don't want a free vacation" I replied "yes, I just don't want one from scam artists." No reply:)

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angelheart Posts : 8 Registered: 8/3/09
Re: Gateway Bride is a SCAM
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Truly appreaciate the heads up. I have a feeling that soon enough they'll be giving more of us a ring. But now we know better, thanks to everyone.

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wilde23 Posts : 1 Registered: 10/13/10
Re: Gateway Bride??? Didn't know where this should go.
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if you ever sign up at davids bridal or any kind of wedding site they enter you in to this. i went and me and my husband now got a free vacation to this great place in the bahammas... the room was ok but the resort was fantastic. everything was paid for they also gave us free wedding bands. you do have to sit throught a cooking demo but my advise is dont by the pans im a chef and you can do the same cooking stuff with cheaper pans. but you get the prizes wether you buy the stuff or not me and my husband didnt and still receved everything that was promised. it was well worth the time. but i must repeat DO NOT BUY THE STUFF OFFERD!!!! its overpriced but you still get the free stuff. I recomend going just dont fall for the payment plans it sounds like a good deal at first but you dont need that junk trust me.

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Re: Gateway Bride??? Didn't know where this should go.
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Yea i won like 3 in a couple days. This was one of the places and i went to two of the "presentations". Actually i went to the first and then the 2nd one i was late for and got the gifts anyway.
The prizes are far as i know. I got a $600 gift card for to get free wedding bands and i already got them, just had to pay $25 s&h on both rings which are great quality and get replaced free if lost or stolen.
I also won the grocerycardusa thing, sent in the s&h of $5 and a month later i see they finally cashed the check. Still no word yet so i called them twice and it went to a voicemail, the first time someone called me back and left me a message saying to call them back and thats when i got the voicemail again.
Still nothing back from them so i emailed them...the email isnt a valid address so i got it returned.
But i did read a yahoo review and someone said they got their coupons and it went ok.
This stuff does freak me out because i lost $3000 through a scam a couple yrs ago but it wasnt a bridal thing.
Now the trip, im not sure about it. The first one i won didnt require a deposit, just pay taxes and airfare..the 2nd one (presige) required a deposit.
Needless to say, im glad i received what i had for just an hour of my time, but i probably wont ever go again because its sooooo boring and awkward being in a room with all those strangers and having them giv me a 1/2 inch chunk of chicken to bribe me.


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